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Honors Admissions

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Commonwealth Honors

If your high school GPA is 3.4 or higher (or your SAT score is 1170 or your ACT score is 24 or higher), you are accepted into BSU’s Commonwealth Honors Program! You will receive an invitation to Honors with your acceptance to BSU.

If you are interested in the Honors Program at BSU and haven't been accepted yet, you are encouraged to apply by clicking the “Apply for the Honors Program” button on this page. The application asks you to share a piece of academic work you are proud of, such as your Common App essay, another piece of writing, video, slideshow, or work of art.

Departmental Honors

Complete our online Departmental Honors Application in your sophomore or junior year. Most students complete Departmental Honors in three semesters.

I transferred from Massasoit Community College and immediately joined the biophysics laser lab at BSU. I have developed the skills and background necessary to perform research on prospective anticancer drugs. I have been studying a DNA binding drug using optical tweezers, a scientific instrument used to trap tiny objects with a highly focused laser.
Adam Jabak
Physics and Chemistry double major