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Visiting Speaker Series

The PPE Program typically hosts two guest speakers per semester. These are public lectures, open to the entire campus community, and are followed by a Q&A opportunity. In spring 2024, we are scheduled to host Ryan Muldoon and Vernon Smith, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics.

Past speakers include:

  • Jacob Levy
  • Michael Munger
  • Steven Horwitz
  • Gianna Englert
  • Daniel D’Amico
  • Angela Dills
  • Julian Mueller
  • Dennis Rasmussen
  • Glory Liu
  • Brandon Davis
  • Emily Skarbek
  • David Skarbek
  • Ben Powell
  • Sean Mulholland
  • Danny Shahar
  • Alexei Marcoux
  • Chris Surprenant
  • Ilya Somin
  • Radley Balko
  • Abby Hall Blanco
  • Jason Brennan
  • Anthony Gregory
  • Peter Jaworski
  • Lewis Hoss
  • Virgil Storr
  • Jacob Mchangama
  • Stefan Eich
  • Lauren Hall
  • Kevin Vallier
  • Oded Galor
  • Emilie Sartre
  • Kevin Elliott
  • Eugene Volokh
  • Mark David Hall


“Book Club” Style Reading Groups

A small group of students and a faculty facilitator work through a recent book with a PPE orientation over several meetings, and then we bring the author to campus to join the group for a final session.  These are non-credit, voluntary enrichment activities, and it's a real treat to be able to have the author participate and answer questions.  Students are provided with a free copy of the book.  Check with one of the co-coordinators for details on upcoming groups.

Next book club: David Schmidtz, Living Together: Inventing Moral Science

Past author visits include:
John Tomasi (Free Market Fairness)
Charles Griswold (Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Adam Smith: A Philosophical Encounter)
Nicholas Capaldi (The Anglo-American Conception of the Rule of Law)
Ben Powell (Wretched Refuse: The Political Economy of Immigration and Institutions (with Alex Nowrasteh))
Jonathan Marks (Let’s Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Liberal Education)


Day-Long Student Colloquia

We are occasionally able to offer full-day student seminars and colloquia.

Past day-long programs have been on:
Criminal Justice Reform