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Undergraduate Social Work Programs and Minor in Social Welfare

Be a Changemaker of Tomorrow with a Bachelor of Social Work

Empower others and advance social justice. An undergraduate degree in social work from Bridgewater State University will provide you the tools you need to affect change in individuals, communities, organizations and social welfare programs — large and small.

You could pursue the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or choose the Social Welfare minor to complement another major. Either way, the undergraduate social welfare programs offered by BSU’s Department of Social Work will prepare you to be a champion for social justice and improving the lives of others.

Social Work, BS
With your bachelor’s degree in social work from BSU, you’ll gain a foundation in evidence-based policy and practice, grounded in the principles of social justice. With this blended educational experience, you’ll not only have an idea of what type of organization you want to work in, you’ll be prepared to be a changemaker and leader in the industry of your choice.

Social Welfare Minor
The Social Welfare minor pairs well with a number of majors offered at Bridgewater State University, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, counseling, business, health, pre-law and pre-medicine.

Social Work Program Highlights

BSU Social Work students taking notes in class

Social justice-oriented curriculum

BSU’s undergraduate social work programs and social welfare programs are focused on social justice. You’ll graduate with a deep knowledge of the history, policy background and real-world implications of social justice challenges and advancements. This broad perspective provides valuable context and preparation for jobs in social work.
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Fieldwork and internships for social work majors and minors

While earning your undergraduate degree in social work, you will have a variety of opportunities for internships. Work with licensed social workers in a social service agency to gain real-world experience while earning course credit.
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Fully accredited Bachelor of Social Work program

Our bachelor’s degree in social work is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), ensuring that students will come away with the knowledge of how to apply ethics and critical thought to their social work practice.

Undergraduate social work programs scholarships

As an undergraduate student in BSU’s Bachelor of Social Work program, you may qualify to apply for several scholarship opportunities, including:

  • Dr. Rebecca Leavitt Fund
  • Edward T. Donovan Memorial Social Work Scholarship
  • Professor Lester G. Houston Memorial Award
  • School of Social Work Scholarship Fund for Undergraduate Students

Learn more about School of Social Work funding »

Evening program available

BSU’s College of Continuing Studies gives you maximum flexibility to complete your degree. Even if you can’t attend classes during the day, you can still earn your undergraduate degree in social work at BSU. We offer an evening program designed for students who work full time or have other obligations during the day.

Looking to transfer?

Did you know that 35% of BSU undergraduates enter as transfer students? Our dedicated Transfer Services staff will work with you to figure out how to transfer credits, which courses to take next, and how to settle in as a member of the BSU community.

Program of Study for Social Work Majors

During your studies for a bachelor of science in social work, you’ll explore a dynamic curriculum that combines in-classroom learning, field education and professional mentoring by faculty and graduate students. In our undergraduate social work programs, you’ll take classes on social work, diversity and oppression, as well as a range of electives, including courses on child welfare, aging and substance abuse.

For the Social Welfare minor, you’ll take a mix of core and elective courses and learn about the evolution of the United States’ social welfare programs, the various policies that have grown out of the systems, and the people and populations who are the most vulnerable in our society.

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Program details from 2022-2023 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

The opportunities to go out and actually see what it is like in the form of service learning, as well as internships, was a wonderful experience. From the Boys and Girls Club to Jordan Hospital, to Dartmouth High School, my field experience has run the gamut and taught me so much about real world social work as well as laid a foundation for my future as a social worker. Even though the COVID pandemic landed right in the middle of my program, BSU never skipped a beat. We adapted our learning and, in some ways, made it better. I have made great connections through the School of Social Work and fostered some incredible relationships along the way.”
Chris Greim, '22
Social Work, BS

Careers in Social Work

With an undergraduate degree in social work or minor in social welfare, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a variety of jobs in the public or private sector, including:

  • Child welfare
  • Youth services
  • Mental health
  • Counseling agencies
  • Schools
  • Criminal justice organizations
  • Elder services
  • Hospital and long-term care facilities



10-year job growth estimates for those with a bachelor’s degree in social work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Continue your education beyond your bachelor’s degree in social work

Bridgewater State University’s Master of Social Work program is designed to deepen your understanding and mastery of human rights, diversity and social justice to better help you enhance the lives of individuals, families and communities.

You can also choose to simultaneously earn your Master of Social Work and a Juris Doctor degree (in conjunction with UMASS Dartmouth Law School). This cooperative program allows you to integrate social work graduate studies with a law school education to prepare for a variety of careers in public defense, victim advocacy, family law, immigration law and many other areas.