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Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Examine Human Behavior through a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at BSU

Are you fascinated by human behavior? Study the complex mental processes that regulate our attitudes, actions and more through Bridgewater State University’s bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Housed in the Department of Psychology, BSU’s Bachelor of Psychology and minor programs will prepare you for an exciting and challenging career that positively impacts people in your community and beyond.

Our BS in psychology degree program is BSU’s most popular major for a reason. Whether you want to become a psychologist, researcher, or use your skills in a myriad of other areas, we will prepare you for success with the best undergraduate degree in psychology program and minor that colleges and universities have to offer.

Bachelor of Psychology Program Highlights

BSU student holding a bunny while a child pets the bunny

Hands-on learning opportunities in areas that interest you most

From working with neurodivergent children with behavioral issues to adults with developmental challenges we will help you find internships in any area that interests you. As you earn your BS psychology degree, these experiences offer real-life opportunities to apply what you’ve learned, plus the chance to explore different careers in psychology.
BSU student dressed in button down white shirt with red tie presenting his research

Develop research skills inside and outside the classroom

Our BS psychology degree is a research-based program that will give you the skills you need for psychology jobs or grad school. If you’re interested in pursuing research as you earn your Bachelor of Psychology, our undergraduate research program is ranked among the top in the country.
BSU Psychology major looking into a high tech microscope

Conduct your undergraduate research in high-tech labs

While working toward a Bachelor of Psychology degree at BSU, you will have access to a 3,000-square-foot lab with 13 rooms to conduct various types of research. BSU is fully equipped to lead studies in biopsychology, neuropsychology and more.

Learn from expert faculty

While you earn your Bachelor of Science in Psychology, you will learn from program instructors who have a wide variety of specializations, including developmental, social, clinical, industrial/organizational and cognitive psychology, as well as biopsychology and neuropsychology.

Academic support and career advising when you need it

Through the Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree program at BSU, you’ll be paired with a faculty advisor to help you navigate your academic experience, plan research projects, find internships and more. You’ll also have access to the Department of Psychology’s full-time career and academic adviser.

Flexibility to learn on your schedule

BSU’s College of Continuing Studies gives you maximum flexibility to complete your degree. The BS in psychology program may be taken on Bridgewater’s main campus during the day, or you may pursue your degree at night or online. Our night and online programs follow the same requirements and curriculum as our day program, and many of our faculty members teach during the day as well as at night and online.

Small class sizes, big advantages

As a psychology major at BSU, you will learn in classes with 15 to 35 undergraduate students. Being part of these tight-knit groups will allow you to get to know your peers and instructors — and have easy access to extra help when you need it as you earn your Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Looking to transfer?

Did you know that 35% of BSU undergraduates enter as transfer students? Our dedicated Transfer Services staff will work with you to figure out how to transfer credits, which courses to take next, and how to settle in as a member of the BSU community.

Program of Study for Psychology Majors and Minors

At BSU, our undergraduate degree in psychology program is one of the best of its kind because of its strong liberal arts foundation. Our Bachelor of Science in Psychology program also consists of research-based courses. This combination provides a well-rounded education and helps you develop skills for written and oral communication, project management, critical thinking and data analysis.

Topics you could study include cognition and learning or biopsychology, and developmental, sociocultural or clinical psychology.

If you’re looking for intensive study, research and other opportunities while working toward your Bachelor of Science in Psychology, our honors program might be for you, too.

If you would like to pursue another field, from education to social work, a minor in psychology would be an excellent complement to your major.

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Program details from 2023-2024 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

“I was so afraid the first time I ran a study at BSU by myself. The mixture of speaking to people and having to touch on a number of points was very daunting. By graduation, I could've done it while sleeping, and it's made some aspects of (my) job a breeze. It's not scary to approach patient families for research because I had so much practice with lab! … I am very grateful.”
Susan Sprague, ’18
BS Psychology

Careers in Psychology

Many BSU graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology choose to pursue jobs in human services or continue their education to become psychologists. Others apply the skills and knowledge gained from our psychology bachelor’s program to other careers, including as a:

  • Coach
  • Guidance counselor
  • Human resources associate
  • Business leader or manager
  • Research assistant

Hospitals and other health institutions who employ BS psychology graduates as researchers have said the skills and knowledge their employees received from BSU are on par with those that could be gained from a graduate degree program. That’s another testament to what makes ours one of the best programs for an undergraduate degree in psychology that you’ll find.

2 BSU Counselor Ed students role playing a counseling session

Continue your education beyond your bachelor’s degree in psychology

If you would like to attend graduate school after you earn a BS in psychology, stay here at BSU with programs such as: 

  • Counseling, Mental Health Counseling Concentration, MEd
  • Counseling, School Counseling (PreK–8, 5–12) Concentration, MEd
  • Counseling, Student Affairs Counseling Concentration, MEd
  • Social Work, MSW