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Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education

BSU’s Special Education Degree Programs: Your First Step in Making a Difference

With a shortage of special educators in Massachusetts, earning your bachelor’s degree in special education from Bridgewater State University is your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students with moderate to severe disabilities. Housed in the College of Education and Health Sciences, our Department of Special Education offers degree programs to train the largest number of special educators in the Commonwealth.

Are you a paraprofessional? BSU’s special education degree programs remove barriers, allowing you to earn your special education initial licensure online, through face-to-face courses or in a hybrid format to suit your unique needs. The variety of concentrations offered within the program allow you to focus on PreK through 8th grade, or grades 5 to 12. In as little as four years, you can pursue teaching jobs in special education in and around Boston, in public and private schools.

Special Education Degree Program Highlights

Professor Sheena Manuel smiling and holding a notebook in front of a projector screen at the front of the classroom while she listens to a student speaking in class

Learn from diverse and dedicated faculty

You’ll earn your special ed degree while collaborating with former full-time special educators and special education administrators. BSU’s special education degree programs are helmed by professors including a former chair of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and licensed school psychologist, a member of the National Federation of the Blind and others active in important research and publishing in the field.
students sitting in desks in a BSU Special Education class including a male student with short light brown hair wearing a gray t-shirt and black baseball cap backwards who is talking and gesturing

Take advantage of a grant opportunity available only to special ed degree students

The Massachusetts Institutions of Higher Education offers a grant for working paraprofessionals in BSU’s special education program.
Professor Ed Carter talks to a female student in front of a classroom white board while another student writes on the board

Benefit from personal one-on-one career advising

Get the guidance you need to fully explore teaching jobs in special education that best match your strengths and skills.

Gain real-world experience with students with special needs

Our special ed degree students get to work in schools with students with disabilities via the EXCEL Program, our Children’s Physical Development Clinic (CPDC) and in clubs like Best Buddies.

Flexibility to learn on your schedule

BSU’s College of Continuing Studies gives you maximum flexibility to complete your degree. The BSE in special education program — in the Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities and Teacher of Students with Severe Disabilities concentrations — may be taken on Bridgewater’s main campus during the day, or you may pursue your degree at night or online. Our night and online programs follow the same requirements and curriculum as our day program, and many of our faculty members teach during the day as well as at night and online.

Program of Study for Special Education Majors

BSU’s bachelor’s degree in special education exposes students to a wide variety of courses, exploring areas like cultural diversity in schools and society. You will also drill down into diagnosis and teaching strategies for kids with reading disabilities, behavior management and special education across disciplines for challenged learners in everything from math to reading and language.

We offer three bachelor’s degrees in special education concentrations: Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (PreK–8), Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (Grades 5–12) and Teacher of Students with Severe Disabilities (All Levels). Our department also offers two minors focused on inclusive practices and professional practices. A final option is the undergraduate certificate for mentors who want to step up in youth settings.

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Program details from 2023-2024 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

Careers in Special Education

Graduates of Bridgewater State University’s special ed degree program go on to teaching jobs in special education at the elementary school through high school level, with many educators working the Boston area. Job titles students with a degree in special education from BSU hold include:

  • Middle school special education teacher
  • High school special education teacher
  • Public school special education teacher


is the median salary for special education teachers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.