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Graduate Degrees in Higher Education Administration

Called to Lead? Level Up Your Leadership Skills with an Online Master’s in Higher Education Administration

For more than 180 years, educators have honed and mastered teaching and leadership skills at Bridgewater State University. Do the same by taking the next step in your education and career with our online higher education administration degree program.

Our master’s in higher education administration is designed to provide you with the theoretical and practical tools you need to succeed in mid- and upper-level higher education administration jobs. You’ll also gain a solid understanding of the purpose, structure, governance and operation of several leadership areas in higher education. This includes everything from enrollment management to institutional diversity and multiculturalism.

Housed in the Department of Secondary Education and Educational Leadership, our online MEd program aligns with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. These standards ensure that our higher education administration degree program provides you with everything you need — from academic advising to leadership education and development — to excel in school and in future higher education administration jobs.

Higher Education Administration MEd Program Highlights

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Learn on your schedule, one class at a time

Because our MEd program is fully online, you may participate anytime, anywhere — unlike other higher education administration degree programs. This graduate degree can be completed in as few as two years if you take two courses each semester. We also offer quarter-long courses for this graduate degree in higher education administration that allow you to take one course at a time and still complete two courses per semester.

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Hands-on learning to master real-world skills

Our online graduate degree in higher education administration provides many opportunities to learn while doing. Group projects offer an experiential approach to learning problem-solving strategies and other tools you need for future responsibilities in higher education administration jobs. In addition, a practicum experience elicits collaboration with other administrators in higher education.

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Learn how to address and solve real-world problems

Unlike other higher education administration degree programs online or in person, BSU’s rigorous curriculum delves into tried-and-true leadership and management methods in the context of current trends in higher education. The coursework helps equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to develop strategies and solutions that address complex problems and real-world issues.

Focus on skills that matter

Communication and problem-solving skills play a large role in the day-to-day responsibilities of a leader. You’ll learn to effectively articulate abstract ideas, demonstrate your technological literacy and develop other communication and problem-solving skills. These leadership abilities can take you a long way in higher education administration.

Small class sizes, huge learning opportunities

While earning your graduate degree in higher education administration from BSU, your class sizes will be limited to 15 students. This facilitates a more personalized and in-depth learning experience for you and your peers, providing you with opportunities to collaborate with each other and your instructors whenever you need help or feedback.

Network with peers and professionals

As you complete your higher education administration coursework, you’ll have plenty of networking opportunities. These include interviews with higher education administrators, connecting with graduate students from various higher education institutions and panel discussions with leaders in the field.

Connect with instructors and peers using interactive technology

While navigating your online courses in the graduate degree in higher education administration, you’ll use Zoom to meet with classmates, view and record videos for discussion through Flipgrid, have access to virtual bulletin and messaging boards and more.

Program of Study for Higher Education Administration Graduate Students

The online master’s in higher education administration degree program at BSU combines critical and theoretical perspectives with hands-on learning opportunities to help you become an effective and confident leader.

Through our online MEd, you will study a broad range of topics, including crisis management, financial planning, law, policy, diversity, social justice and more in the context of higher education administration. With such a wide range of courses, BSU’s graduate degree in higher education administration prepares you to excel in mid- and advanced-level leadership roles across the higher education spectrum.

Admission Requirements and Program Details

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Program details from 2023-2024 Undergraduate/Graduate Catalog

Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Carol Young

"The Higher Ed. Administration program is very well designed and organized. The faculty are extremely knowledgeable, supportive and accessible. … This coursework has equipped me with the knowledge to advance my career in higher education.”
Cheri Amaral, ’22
MEd Higher Education Administration

Careers in Higher Education Administration

BSU’s online master’s in higher education administration degree program will help you master the skills you need to be a successful leader in any facet of higher education. This way, you may pursue a variety of higher education administration jobs for greater career opportunities.

Your online master’s in higher education administration degree will prepare you for leadership and decision-making roles in areas such as:

  • Enrollment management
  • Financial aid
  • Global initiatives
  • Health services
  • Human resources
  • Outreach and engagement
  • Institutional diversity and multiculturalism
  • Facilities management

Postsecondary education administrators earned a median annual salary of


in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Graduate Funding Opportunities

The College of Graduate Studies provides various opportunities for graduate students to receive funding while working towards their degrees. Appointments are competitive and are determined by undergraduate and/or graduate grade point averages, pertinent experience, educational preparation and interviews. For information on assistantships, fellowships and conference funding awards, please visit our Graduate Funding Opportunities page.


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