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Two BSU graduates in caps, gowns, and sashes, smiling in front of Boyden Hall

My family immigrated from Haiti to Boston when I was 10 years old. I grew up speaking Haitian Creole at home and learned English at school. I was the first in my family to go to college. Fortunately, I got additional support figuring it all out by participating in a program offered by a community-based organization known as Bottom Line. When I graduated from Tech Boston Academy, I chose to enroll at BSU.

I took full advantage of being at BSU by taking my coursework seriously and getting involved in the campus community. One of my best decisions was to visit the Lewis and Gaines Center for Inclusion and Equity (LGCIE), because that’s where I met other students who were members of the African American Society. I started going to their group events and met students who shared my background, experiences, and interests. I became a member and learned valuable lessons in leadership that eventually led to me becoming president of the group.

My education and experiences absolutely opened doors to my first job out of college, which was right back at BSU. I worked for a season as an admissions recruiter and loved meeting prospective students and their families while on the road. Once my temporary contract ended, I left that job and pursued my dream of seeing the world as a flight attendant.

Rose Felisme

Three years and one global pandemic later, I wanted to put my feet back on the ground and decided to step into a new career as a behavior therapist. That experience helped me refine how exactly I wanted to help people and it brought me back to the admission office at BSU where I get to assist prospective students like you.

Best of luck in your college choice process and GO BEARS!

Rose Felisme, ’19

Admission Counselor & Diversity Recruitment Coordinator
Bridgewater State University
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