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Optional Evaluative Interviews

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Interviews are not required for admission to BSU, but they may provide both our first year applicants and our counseling staff with additional information to make more informed decisions. We are in extraordinary times and an optional evaluative interview allows us to get a better sense of you beyond pass/fail grades, optional test scores and interrupted extracurricular activities. You will also be able to ask one of our admission counselors questions so you can get personalized insights into the university. 

Prospective first year students must submit their application for admission before they can register for an optional evaluative interview.

How to schedule your interview:

  1. Find the first letter of your last name below and select the corresponding admission counselor.
  2. Select a date and time that is convenient for you (Eastern Time).
  3. Complete the brief online registration form.
  4. Receive your confirmation and reminder emails with details about how to connect for your interview.

If the available times are not convenient, please email and we'll be happy to make alternate arrangements. 

First Year Applicants

Your Last Name Admission Counselor
A, E, I, L or S Daena Olson
B, J or Y Sharon Peterson
C, D, Q or W Shannon Fernando-Cole
F, K, N, P or R Nicole Welliver
G, M, O, U or X Ashley O’Donnell
H, T, V or Z Maryellen Harvey