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Bridgewater State University Alumni Awards

This year the Bridgewater Alumni Association and the Afro-Am Alumni Association will be combining their two award ceremonies into one larger celebration to elevate the status of these awards and fittingly celebrate the conferring of these prestigious awards! The new celebration entitled the “Bridgewater State University Alumni Awards – Spotlight on Excellence” will take place in the Rondileau Student Union Ballroom on the evening of November 4th, 2022, from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM.


Each award recognizes a recipient or recipients, who have enhanced the reputation of Bridgewater State University by making significant contributions to their community, state and/or nation through professional service, public service and/or civic activities. If you know of a Bridgewater State alumni or community member, who has excelled in their field or are making an impact in the lives of others, we want to know about them. The Bridgewater State University Alumni Awards will be presented biannually in even numbered years. It is our goal to honor those who should be recognized for their outstanding achievements and lifelong love of BSU.

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About the BSU Alumni Awards

Dr. Marilyn White Barry

Dr. Marilyn White Barry, '58, Graduate Alumnus/na Professional Achievement Award

Dr. Marilyn White Barry, '58 is a distinguished alumna, emeritus professor (1972-1987) and former Dean of the Graduate School (1987-1998). She was the founder and past president of the Massachusetts chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children as well as the former vice president of the Massachusetts Association of Children with Learning Disabilities.


This award is presented to a distinguished alumnus/na of the college of Graduate Studies who has demonstrated the qualities of outstanding professional achievement at the state, regional or national level.

2020 Award Recipient: Dr. Melissa Ianetta, ’95, G’98

Past Recipients

2009    George Goodfellow, G'77
2010    Nancy Clark, G'87
2011    Thomas Pileski, G'87
2012    Brendan Kearney, G'04
2013    Kathleen Turner, G'08
2014    Brian Lynch, G'89
2015    Michael Day, G'98
2016    Kathleen Smith, G'88
2017    Michael LaFerney, G'89
2018    Patricia Fry, G'99

Dr. Catherine Comeau

Dr. Catherine Comeau Award for Professional Achievement in Physical Education

Dr. Catherine Comeau served 24 years as a professor of physical education at Bridgewater, twelve off those years as the Chair of the Department of Movement Arts, Health Promotion and Leisure Studies (MAHPLS). Dr. Comeau was a national figure in her field and held numerous prestigious positions. Amongst her many accomplishments, she authored “A Noble Legacy: Physical Education Major 1937-1987 Bridgewater State College.”


This award is presented to a distinguished alumnus/na who received a baccalaureate degree from MAHPLS. The recipient must have graduated at least five years ago and must be an influential role model in the field.

2022 Award Recipient: Laney M. Clement-Holbrook ’75, G’81, H’22

Past Recipients

1985    Jacqueline Haslett, '56
1986    Mary Lydon, '55
1987    Martha Cummings, '51
1988    Viola Goodnow, '58
1989    Marcia Crooks, '55
1990    Virginia Jewett Hogg, '60, G'65
1991    Theresa Corcoran, '50
1992    Alice Sullivan, '46
1993    Mary Hoyle Mahan, '60
1994    Theresa Malumphy, '54
1995    Cecelia DeMarco, '73
1996    Rita Castagna, '66
1997    Nina Roberts, '83
1998    Maria Melchionda, '83
1999    Susan Marble '90
2000    Diane Demetrius, '82
2001    Mary Lou Thimas, '68
2002    Karen Dzczepaniak Castagno, '78
2003    Milady Khoury Murphy, '76
2004    George DeMarco, '78
2005    Ann Burgess Morris, '54
2006    Susan Crosby-Tangen, '83
2007    Thomas Woods, '79
2008    Kathleen McSweeney, '81
2009    Thomas Turco, '76
2010    Hernani "Erine" Branco, '79
2011    Award not given out this year
2012    James Leone, '01
2013    Paula Sullivan, '71
2014    Karen Croteau, '83
2015    Jeff Colburn, '95
2016    Sharen Dupre, '70
2017    Donna Ruseckas, '82
2018    Dawn Henderson, '80
2020    Barbara Stevens, ’76


Paul Gaines

Paul Gaines Sr. Achievement Award

Paul Gaines Sr., G’68 was the first appointed Minority Affairs Director at Bridgewater State College (1968-1995). He was the pioneer in hiring professors, administrators, and staff of color along with the recruitment of students of color on the Bridgewater campus. He was instrumental in founding both the Organization of Afro-American Students (later named the Afro-Am Society), and the Afro-American Alumni Association.


This award is presented to a current faculty, administrator, library, or staff member, who has been employed at least one year at Bridgewater State University and has worked on behalf of students of color. The nominee must demonstrate a deep commitment in the growth and retention of students of color and must also support the Afro-American Alumni Association through programming and/or events.


2022 Award Recipients: Dr. Emily Field and Dr. Jamie Huff

Past Recipients

2015    Dorie AuCoin, '78, G'79
2016    Miguel Gomes
2017    Reverend Chang-Hee Son
2018    Diane Bell
2019    Sydne' M. Marrow, G'14
2020    David K. Wilson, '71

Alfred Gomes

Alfred Gomes Community Service Award

Attorney Alfred J. Gomes was an extremely successful fundraiser and philanthropist. Amongst his many contributions were founding the Nantucket Lightship Memorial Scholarship Fund/The Seaman’s Memorial Scholarship Fund and organizing the first Cape Verdean Boy Scout troop. He was one of the first Cape Verdean-born Americans to ever receive a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.


This award is presented to a distinguished African American alumnus/na who exemplifies the ideal of “men and women for and with others.” The recipient should show a genuine dedication to the ideals of social justice, relations with the greater community, and empowers peers to serve and/or increase awareness of injustice.


2020 Award Recipient: Carla B. Monteiro, ’17

Past Recipients

2017    Benvinda (Cardosa) Butler, '08
2018    Lionelle Demosthene, '00
2020    Carla B. Monteiro, '17

Henry Hampton

Henry Hampton Bridge Builder Award

Henry Hampton was a renowned producer. His work included the documentary “Eyes on the Prize,” which set the standard for nonfiction accounts of the civil rights movement. His film credits include the critically acclaimed “The Great Depression” and “America’s War on Poverty.”  He was once the Chairman of the Board for the Museum of Afro-American History in Boston.


This award is presented to a student and/or student group of color on the Bridgewater State University campus, who has taken the initiative to address campus unity through campus activities promoting mentoring, community service and collaboration. The nominee must show evidence of education to others in the area of social justice and the exploration of diverse cultures.


2020 Award Recipient: Dajuan Frasier, ’20

Past Recipients

2017    Men Integrated In Brotherhood
2020    Dajuan Frasier, '20

Martha Jones ’64

Martha D. Jones Award for Enriching the Lives of BSU Students

Martha Jones ’64 was unwavering in her support of students in her three terms as President of the Bridgewater Alumni Association and 36 years as a leader in the Division of Student Affairs. The Jones Alumni House was named in honor of the Dean Emerita and her husband Professor Emeritus John W. Jones.


This award is presented to a current member of the faculty, staff or administration who has volunteered his or her energy and talents to enrich the lives of students at Bridgewater State University. The work being recognized must demonstrate exceptional dedication and commitment to the development of students.

2022 Award Recipient: Dr. Christopher A. Frazer

Past Recipients

1992    Dr. Richard Veno
1993    Dr. W. Kirk Avery
1994    No Award Given
1995    Dr. Joseph Huber
1996    Gerard Stenerson
1997    Dolores "Dorie" AuCoin, '76
1998    Mary Ann McKinnon, '91
1999    Helena Santos
2000    Prof. Sylvia Keyes
2001    Daniel Darcy, '99, G'90
2002    Mariann Lorray, '78
2003    Dr. Janice Harris
2004    Dr. Cynthia Kane
2005    Ann Doyle
2006    Catherine Holbrook, G'81
2007    Mark Johnson
2008    Dr. Jerald Walker
2009    Dr. Uma Shama
2010    Diane Bell
2011    Dr. Elizabeth Moriarty
2012    John Harper
2013    Brian Salvaggio, '80, G'82
2014    Kenny Monteiro
2014    Rita Camara, '03, G'10
2015    No Award Given
2016    Maribeth Johnson Flakes, '01
2017    Susan Crosby-Tangen, '83
2018    Justin McCauley, G'08
2018    Dr. Jenny Shanahan

black and white headshot photo of Sarah Lewis

Sarah A. Lewis Distinguished Award

Sarah A. Lewis was admitted to Bridgewater State Normal School in February of 1867. She is considered to be the first African American to graduate from the institution as a member of the Class of 1869. The Fall River native taught for three terms before coming to Bridgewater and two additional years after graduation.


This award is presented to an alumnus/na who has distinguished themselves at the highest level of their profession, provided inspirational leadership to others as demonstrated through volunteerism, mentoring and philanthropy, or provided service for the benefit of Bridgewater State University and the community.


2022 Award Recipient: Michael P. Henry ‘92

Past Recipients

2001    Gloria Stanton, '74, G'00
2001    John "Lenny" McLean, '90
2001    Jeanne Oliver Foster, '74, G'00
2001    Alva Mitchem, '70
2001    Paul Gaines Sr., G'68
2002    Nanzetta Merriman, '78
2006    Aenis Harris, '94
2012    Jacqueline Tucker, '90
2013    Ann M. Ulett, '92
2014    Luis Rosa, '05
2015    Dorie AuCoin, '76, G'79
2017    Barbara Jackson, '80, G'89
2018    Nigel Smith, '01
2019    Paul Bonitto, '87
2020    Ann M. Ulett, '92

Dr. Adrian Rondileau

Dr. Adrian Rondileau Award for Professional Achievement & Community Service

In his more than 24 years as President of Bridgewater State University, Dr. Adrian Rondileau instilled an unwavering institutional commitment to community service. His administration was guided by two basic principles. The first was the value of a broad-base education and the second was that after graduation, students should be prepared to become productive citizens.


This award is presented to a distinguished alumnus/na who demonstrates exceptional competence and accomplishment within his/her chosen profession, as well as exceptional service to his/her community leading to the improvement of community life.

2022 Award Recipient: Bruce P. Morell ‘75

Past Recipients

1987    Robert Correia, '86
1988    Dr. Edward Calabrese, '68, G'72
1989    Patricia Quinn Bartlett, '67
1989    Bruce Bartlett, '68
1990    Frederick Gustafson, II, '50
1991    David Messaline, '65
1992    Richard Johnson, '74
1993    Henry Woronicz
1994    Catherine Missier, '83
1994    Patricia Ross Reinstein, '65
1995    Ann Maguire, '69
1996    Dr. Courtland Harlow, Jr., '66
1997    Joan Hickey Menard, '67
1998    Dr. Ronald Carroll, '58
1999    Louis Ricciardi, '81
2000    Daniel Couet, '83
2001    Robert Todd, Sr., '64
2002    David Robichaud, '93
2003    Suzanne Condon, '79
2004    Frederick Clark, Jr., '83
2005    Myra Powers Lopes, '54
2006    David Flynn, '58
2007    Alan Marvelli, '64
2008    Patricia  Haddad, '72
2009    David Correira, '80
2010    Barbara Mattinson Nagle, '61
2011    Robin Ryan Thomas, '90
2012    Beverly Curtin Beckham, '68, G'76
2013    William Morse, '73
2014    Evelyn Ekberg DeLutis, '63
2015    Dr. Claire Appling, '54, G'57
2016    Dr. Darrell Lund, '60
2017    Laney Clement-Holbrook, '75, G'81
2018    Thomas C. Hoye Jr., '92
2020    Dr. Gloria Moran, G’69

Nicholas P. Tillinghast

Nicholas P. Tillinghast Award for Achievement in the Field of Public Education

This award was named in honor of the university's first president (then called "headmaster") who served in this pioneering post from 1840-1853. He sought to give his students the principles of education, so that they might be able to practice the art of teaching in the education of children. He gave the whole energy of his soul to the work which was given him to accomplish and establish the school upon a deep and broad foundation.

The award honors a distinguished Bridgewater alumnus/na who has demonstrated the qualities of outstanding leadership, excellence in performance and outstanding personal achievement in the field of public education at the state, regional or national level.

2022 Award Recipient: Hazel L. Varella ’54, G’56

Past Recipients

1966    Richard Batchelder, '52
1967    Owen Kiernan, '35
1968    Harold Gores, '31
1969    Archibald Boyden Shaw, '29
1970    Miriam Perkins Bryan, '29
1971    Col. Joseph Murphy, '19
1972    Helen Theinert, '31, '35
1973    Sr. M. Francis Regis C.S.J.
1973    Lena Trojano, '40
1974    Bernice Anderson, '19
1975    Joseph Francis Murphy, '39
1976    Louise Birnie Forsyth, '41
1977    Jordan D. Fiore, '40
1978    Loretta McHugh, '34
1979    Joseph Plouffe, '41
1980    D. Justin McCarthy, '38
1981    Marian Balboni, '31
1981    Bartholomew Buckley, '31
1982    Dr. V. James DiNardo, '39
1983    Dr. Lillian Russell Putnam, '42
1984    Dr. William Mahoney, '42
1985    Dr. Alice Beal, '16
1986    Dr. Franklin Wilbur, '69
1987    Gerald Indelicato, '71
1988    Dr. John Zoino, '53
1989    Dr. Theresa Malumphy, '54
1990    James Argir, '61
1991    Gordon W. Mitchell, '59
1992    Dr. Jacqueline Haslett, '56
1993    Dr. Barry Moriarty, '56, '58
1994    Dr. George Weygand, '53, G'56
1995    Alfred Benbenek, '68
1996    Dr. John Hassard, '62
1997    Robert C. Jones, '60
1998    Anthony Sarno, Jr., '64
1999    Dr. Thomas Lagrasta, '65
2000    Dr. Paul Dauphinais, '77
2001    Allen G. Brown, '65, G'68
2002    Dr. David Sousa, '60
2003    Nicola Micozzi, Jr., '71
2004    Dr. Wallace Goldstein, '42
2005    Dr. Mary Edwards Beaudry, '58
2006    Donald DeLutis, '63
2007    Arthur Svensen, '65
2008    Dr. Lois Haslam, '53
2009    Juliette Johnson, '64
2010    Robert Gay, '74, G'76
2011    Dr. Mary Lydon, '55
2012    Philip Conroy, '72
2013    Warren Phillips, '75, G'88, G'02
2014    Ronald Stahley, '76
2015    Dr. Lisa Battaglino, '79
2016    Not Awarded
2017    Anne Oliveira '83, G'87
2018    William Burkhead, G'09
2020    Dr. Kris Jaeger-Helton, ’84

Dr. Adrian Tinsley

Dr. Adrian Tinsley Award for Achievement in the Arts

Dr. Adrian Tinsley, the 10th President of Bridgewater (1989-2002), has been an ardent advocate for the liberal and fine arts throughout her distinguished career in higher education. During her presidency undergraduate and graduate curriculums were expanded, with new majors introduced in criminal justice, economics, and music, along with new master’s degree programs in public administration, criminal justice, and management science. 


This award is presented to a distinguished alumnus/na who has demonstrated outstanding artistic achievement or whose leadership has been exemplary in the preservation and promotion of the arts.

2022 Award Recipient: Scott R. Gagnon ‘91

Past Recipients

2003    Stephen Mills, '03
2004    George Charbonneau, '66, G'70
2004    Armand Marchand, '66, G'70
2005    Joyce Gardner Zavorskas, '84
2006    Theresa Byington Carmichael, '82
2007    James McGonnigal, '97
2008    Adrienne Wilson Grant, '58
2009    Noelle Beaudet Foye, '99
2010    Madlyn-Ann Crawford Wollwich, '54, G'61
2011    Bruce Anderson, '87
2012    Anne Heywood, '90
2013    Denise Cormier, '83
2014    William Donnelly, '94
2015    Denise Wallace Spriggs, '84
2016    James Colby, '86
2017    Barry Lew, '75
2018    Peter Martin, '74, G'79
2020    Timothy Hassett-Salley, G’83, G’86

Dr. George Weygand

Dr. George A. Weygand, '53, G'56, Award for Outstanding Service to the BAA

Dr. George Weygand, '53, G'56, was a distinguished emeritus professor (1958-1999) who in addition to his three terms as alumni president also played countless other key leadership roles in sustaining the spirit of the Bridgewater Alumni Association. A respected scientific educator, George received many awards locally, statewide, and nationally for his educational contributions.


This award is presented to a distinguished alumnus/na who demonstrates generosity and places a high priority on service to create a legacy for future generations of alumni. Qualifications for this award include the ability to build understanding and awareness through alumni association involvement and leadership.

2022 Award Recipient: Matthew J. Quimby ’04, G’07

Past Recipients

Prior to 1983
Stella Monks Fogelman, '16
Edith Glick Shoolman, '25 and Elliot Shoolman
V. James DiNardo, '39
Nellie Barker Warren, '06
Cora Mae Vining, '28
Eva Foth
Marjorie Dean
Phyllis Esau, '36
1983    Jane Spitz
1984    Douglas MacDonald, '42
1985    Gerald Indelicato, '71
1986    Dorothy Beesley Bates, '30
1986    Wilfred Graves, '27
1987    Lillian Holland Wallace, '25
1988    Frank Dunn, '49
1989    Martha Drinkwater Jones, '64
1990    Donna Daley Brown, '68
1991    Marjorie Candy Jackson, '37
1992    Ralph Fletcher, '53
1993    Mary Moore Jarvis, '39
1994    Mary Lydon, '55
1995    Thomas Lee, '62
1996    Sheila Tunstall McKenna, '62
1997    Marcia Crooks, '55
1998    Isabelle Bragg King, '51
1999    Brian Salvaggio, '80
2000    Nancy Seablom Sarno, '64
2001    John Jones, '62
2002    John "Lenny" McLean, '90
2003    Carolyn Van Buskirk Turchon, '62
2004    Robert Carter, '51
2005    Ronald Rezzani, '83
2006    F. Scott Longo, '89
2007    Barbara Aguiar Lombardo, '62
2008    John Hackett, '55, G'60
2009    Richard Florence, '74
2010    Micheal Lombardo, '62
2011    Carol Sacchetti, '98
2012    James Argir, '61
2013    David Messaline, '65
2014    Annmaria Greco Tierno, '92
2015    Judith DeFeilippo, '62
2016    Kathy Flaherty, '91
2017    Susan Libby Thevenin, '64, G'74
2018    Gloria Stanton, '74, G'00
2020    Wayne Lombardi, ’92

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