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BSU Senior College

BSU Senior College: lifelong learning for mature adults

BSU Senior College


Embrace a lifelong learning adventure designed exclusively for senior citizens who are eager to connect with like-minded individuals and embark on a journey of continuous growth through virtual and in-person non-credit courses. 

The Senior College at Bridgewater State University offers a vibrant community where senior citizens can come together, fostering meaningful connections while exploring new subjects and expanding their knowledge. Whether you're passionate about history, art, science, literature, or any other field of interest, our diverse range of engaging courses and activities will inspire you to learn something new.

Embrace the flexibility and convenience of our virtual non-credit courses, accessible from the comfort and safety of your own home via Zoom or attend an in-person non-credit course in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Easton, or Attleboro. 

With the affordable fee of just $85, you can enroll in as many courses as you like throughout the semester all for a single fee. 

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For any inquiries, please reach out to us at or call 508.531.1052.


Fall 2023 registration is open! 


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Keep Learning! Keep Growing!

Our program is dedicated to providing intellectually stimulating courses and events designed specifically for mature learners over age 50. Join us for our six-week courses that foster creativity, self-discovery, and peer education. Senior College is open to everyone, regardless of educational background or alumni status.


Affordability is a priority for us. With a single registration fee of just $85, you can enroll in as many courses as you like per semester, allowing you to indulge your curiosity and pursue multiple interests without breaking the bank.

Led by Experts

Our courses are led by experts, including emeritus faculty, full and part-time faculty, and distinguished educators in various fields such as sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. At Senior College, you'll have the opportunity to engage with leading scholars and experts who share your interests. Enjoy learning in a relaxed community of peers from diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives to the classroom.


Are you 90 or over? 
Then you can receive a FREE Senior College membership. Please email Senior College so that we can get you registered free of charge!


Detailed Course Information

Please click on the links below for a list of courses and detailed course descriptions from this past semester along with instructor biographies and a printable schedule at a glance.


Fall 2023 Quick Glance Schedule
Fall 2023 Course Catalog

Senior College Two-Step Registration Process



Please pay the $85 registration fee here via our online payment portal. 


Complete the Continuing Studies Non-Credit Application [Click here] 
If you would like access to our in-person campus amenities such as the Maxwell Library and the Thornburg Fitness Center then please complete this application to get an official student identification. Please remember this is an optional part of our registration process. 


Please note: If you have previously completed the Non-Credit Application you do not need to complete it again.


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Program Partners

Bridgewater State University recognizes our community partners who engage with Senior College in course development and participant recruitment. Each of the following organizations supports the university's ability to continue to offer high-quality programming to our members throughout our region and beyond: Center for Active Living PlymouthBridgewater Public Library, the Bridgewater Senior Center and the Easton Council on Aging.



All of our upcoming events are free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required. We will email you the Zoom link 2 - 3 days prior to each event. Events are also recorded and posted on our YouTube channel (which is linked below).

Exploring the Bridgewater State University Archive: The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Collection and More with Dr. Orson Kingsley
Please note: This event is postponed due to the predicted storm (new date TBA)
Saturday, September 16, 2023, you can register for 10:30 am (limited to 16) or 11:30 am (limited to 16), in-person, event at Bridgewater State University

Embrace Lifelong Learning with BSU’s Senior College: A Special Open House Event for Bridgewater Residents
A conversation with Senior College Director—Jennifer Reid and Current Senior College Members
Monday, August 14, 10:30 - 11:30 am
Bridgewater Council on Aging- Cole-Yeaton Senior Center
10 Wally Krueger Way
Bridgewater, MA 02324

Join us at the Bridgewater State University Senior College Open House to learn more about our lifelong learning program exclusively tailored for older adults. Discover the vibrant community that we have built which is dedicated to intellectual growth, personal enrichment, and meaningful connections. Whether you're interested in art, literature, history, science, or language, Senior College offers a diverse curriculum that caters to a broad range of interests. Hear directly from our members' experience in Senior College where they have been able to engage in active learning and experience intellectual exploration.

Fall Faculty Showcase Events
Wednesday, August 16, 2023, 1-2 pm, via Zoom
Tuesday, August 22, 2023, 6-7 pm, via Zoom

In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to meet our instructors and learn more about what you can expect to learn in their Senior College course. Each event will feature different instructors and will be recorded and later posted on our YouTube channel.


Unlocking the Potential: Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life
Wednesday, August 9, 2023, 2-3 pm 
Virtual event via Zoom 

Are you still puzzled by all the buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) that you've heard on 60 Minutes and in The New York Times? Don't worry, you're not alone. Join us for an engaging virtual session where we aim to demystify the world of AI and shed light on its practical applications in your everyday life. Led by Brendan Harvey, BSU’s Assistant Director of Online Program Support and our resident “AI” expert. Discover how AI can positively impact various aspects of your daily routine and gain a clearer understanding of this transformative technology while also engaging in a thought-provoking discussion about the ethical implications surrounding AI, including privacy, bias, and transparency. 

Botanical Wonders: Exploring Bridgewater State University's Research-Level Greenhouse
Wednesday, August 23, 2023, 1:30-2:30 pm, in-person, event at Bridgewater State University

Join us for a captivating community event as we open the doors to Bridgewater State University’s hidden botanical research-level greenhouse. Step into a world of botanical diversity and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of plant life that awaits within led by Senior College popular instructor and Greenhouse manager Ronald Aakjar. 

Led by our own knowledgeable horticulturalist, this guided tour will offer fascinating insights into the fascinating world of plant biology. Discover the intricacies of plant growth, learn about unique species and their adaptations, and uncover the vital role that research plays in understanding and conserving our precious plant life.

Whether you're an avid gardener, a curious community member, or simply appreciate the wonders of nature, this event promises to be an engaging and educational experience. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this research-level greenhouse, gain a deeper appreciation for the botanical world, and connect with fellow plant enthusiasts in our vibrant community.

Exploring the Bridgewater State University Archive: The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Collection and More with Dr. Orson Kingsley
Saturday, September 16, 2023, you can register for 10:30 am (limited to 16) or 11:30 am(limited to 16), in-person, event at Bridgewater State University

Please note: This event is postponed due to the predicted storm (new date TBA)

Join Bridgewater State University’s knowledgeable archivist Dr. Orson Kingsley, Senior Librarian—Head of Archives and Special Collections for a captivating journey into the past as we delve into the rich history of Bridgewater State University and view a rare archival collection at this open community event. You will discover the fascinating evolution of the university, from its humble beginnings in 1840 as the State Normal School at Bridgewater to unearth a treasure trove of other interesting historical documents, photographs, and artifacts.

Dr. Kingsley invites you to discover the richness of BSU’s All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) archival collection. This extraordinary collection stands out not only for its unique historical content but also for the diverse range of artifacts it encompasses, allowing you to experience the league's important historical legacy. Other highlights in the collection will also be shown.

Whether you are a BSU alum, a current Senior College member, a community member, or simply curious about the history of higher education in Massachusetts, this free and open to the public event promises to captivate and enlighten. 


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You can view recordings from all of our past public events on our YouTube channel. All of our upcoming events will be recorded and posted within a few days.


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