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FAQs and Policies - Senior College

Frequently Asked Questions

A senior college student inspects a plant in the BSU greenhouse

Who can participate in Senior College?

The Senior College is geared toward adult learners, ages 50 and older. However, we don’t verify your age. Most of our members are in their 60s, 70s and 80s! Members do not need to have any formal education to attend.

Are there tests or assignments?

No. The Senior College is for enrichment and fun. Learning for the sake of learning. Sometimes our instructors will provide reading materials or other resources (such as YouTube videos, Ted Talks, etc.). Those are not required, but they will enhance your learning experience.   

Do you have to be an alum of Bridgewater State University to attend the Senior College?

You do NOT have to be an alum of BSU; the Senior College is open to anyone age 50 or older. You also do not need previous college experience — we are open for anyone who is curious and wants to learn.

Who takes classes with the Senior College?

Active, intellectually curious adults with flexible hours take Senior College classes. Courses and activities are designed for people who seek continuing education, academic challenges and social connections.



Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, power outages, or other emergency situations please visit BSU’s homepage to be updated on university closing status.

If BSU is officially closed for ANY reason, Senior College class meetings — at all locations — are also canceled (both in-person and virtual). We will make every effort to make up missed class meetings due to weather or other unexpected official university closings but cannot guarantee that every session will be made up.

Course Selection

Our members can enroll in as many courses as they like. Occasionally, some of our courses do have enrollment limits. If that is the case, those limits will be posted in the course description.

Membership Fee

The Senior College membership fee is $95, paid each semester a member chooses to attend courses. Some courses do require an additional fee — please view the quick glance schedule for detailed information. If you are experiencing a financial hardship and still want to participate in Senior College, please email us. We offer full scholarships to members who need one.

Scholarship Support

Senior College courses are accessible to all who have a passion for lifelong learning. Thanks to the College of Continuing Studies at Bridgewater State University, scholarship support is available to those who may not otherwise be able to attend. For information, please email us at to request for a community membership. All requests are confidential.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Refunds are not available for membership dues. Senior College offers an open enrollment model so our participants can enroll in as many courses as they like.

If a Senior College member is experiencing a medical situation that prohibits them from attending any courses in the semester, then a refund will be issued.

Classroom Conduct Policy

The Senior College at Bridgewater State University endeavors to create a positive and affirming environment that fosters learning and social connection. Members, instructors and staff are asked to demonstrate mutual respect, kindness and a commitment to civility. Senior College instructors are responsible for moderation of classroom discussions. Instructors have the prerogative of inviting questions and in-class conversation throughout the class or asking members to hold their questions and comments until the end of class or another designated time.

All members of Senior College are expected to adhere to the Bridgewater State University Student Code of Conduct.

Classroom Learning Needs

Bridgewater State University is committed to providing equal access to students with documented disabilities. To ensure your access to this course and the BSU community, students with disabilities are encouraged to collaborate with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Through SAS, you may initiate the confidential process of requesting reasonable accommodations. SAS can be reached at or 508.531.2194.