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Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies

Our Mission

The Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies (PPICVS) is a dynamic hub of activity, knowledge, and opportunity serving the converging needs of Bridgewater State University, the Republic of Cabo Verde, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the global Cabo Verdean Diaspora.


Angelo Barbosa, Director; Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies
Angelo Barbosa

Tudu dretu?

The Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies is tangible evidence of the most innovative and sustainable relationship between a nation and an academic institution anywhere in the world. Continuing to strengthen this mutually beneficial bond between Bridgewater State University and Cabo Verde is a key priority for our university.

This Institute serves as a springboard of activity and knowledge for all things Cape Verdean. It’s a learning center where leaders are born. It’s a focal point, offering Cape Verdeans – and students of all ethnicities – the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of Cabo Verde and how cultural differences and life experiences enrich our world.

It is the hub where you, too, will make meaningful connections and change lives.

Angelo Barbosa, Director, Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies

Prime Minister of Cabo Verde and President of Bridgewater State University embrace

Bridgewater State University and Cabo Verde's Enduring Friendship

The largest concentration of Cape Verdeans living outside of Cape Verde live, work, and study in BSU’s traditional service area of Southeastern MA. The university’s relationship with the island nation is a perfect fit, culturally and regionally. It is also just one manifestation of the university’s public mission to serve. Bottom line: BSU and Cabo Verde enjoy one of the most sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships between a country and university anywhere in the world. This enduring friendship benefits Cabo Verde, the BSU community and, notably, you.
The Bridgewater State University sign on Boyden Quad with fresh fall mums; Boyden Hall is in the fog in the background

Seeking a diversity of ideas? With its interdisciplinary approach, the Cabo Verdean Studies Minor offers you the opportunity to add to a growing diversity of ideas.

panel presentation

The PPICVS invites scholars from diverse disciplines to lecture on a range of issues related to Cabo Verde and its people.

Paula Ortet, ’12, and Lizandra Gomes, ’10, Scholarship

Reaffirming its enduring friendship with the Republic of Cabo Verde, Bridgewater State University has dedicated funds to help Cape Verdean students defray the cost of their Bridgewater education.

Cape Verdean Alumni share their thoughts

“I was 25 years old when I came to Bridgewater. [While studying for my master’s] I got a job at the Pedro Pires Institute for Cape Verdean Studies. And I learned more about Cape Verdean culture in my few months there than my entire life in Cabo Verde." Read Erico's Profile

Erico Fortes
Computer Science, G'16

Resources Connecting and Supporting the Diaspora

Looking to connect with the Cabo Verdean Diaspora? Explore Cape Verdean associations in Brockton, New Bedford, Boston, and the surrounding area with these resources and links.

Audience listening to speaker at the Cabo Verde Presidential visit 2022

Strengthening the Diaspora is key. Encouraging members of the diaspora to take advantage of the educational opportunities offered by BSU. Involving them in finding solutions to issues that challenge their homeland – health care, government policies, education. Promoting the English language, building their skills, sharing their knowledge.


Take a deep dive into Cabo Verde’s rich tradition of music, carnivals, fiestas, food, fashion, and storytelling.

Featured News

Featured News

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Two Cabo Verdean basketball players drive towards the hoop.
Cabo Verde Basketball Team Practices at BSU
The Cabo Verde men's national basketball team spent several days at BSU as the team prepares for the FIBA World Cup in Japan. The Enterprise covered a practice and scrimmage held in the Tinsley Center and open to the public.