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GeoExplorers Program

The top of an active volcano with hot lava spraying up from it and a river of hot lava flowing down it



What is GeoExplorers?

The GeoExplorers Program is designed to provide the K12 community access to some of Earth’s natural wonders. Through this program students can explore some of Earth’s most exciting natural wonders, like getting up close and personal with Mt. St. Helens and Kilauea volcanoes or transforming themselves into a rock and taking a journey along the rock cycle! GeoExplorers offers online modules and access to the GeoBox program, a lending program for K-12 schools.


The Need

Learning about geology can have barriers, such as acquisition of costly samples or safe and easy access to areas of interest. To help overcome these barriers, Bridgewater State University Department of Geological Sciences can bring some of these wonders to local classrooms. The goal of this program is to make learning geology fun and accessible to anyone! 

an active volcano with hot lava flowing down it and red gases emanating off the top

The GeoBox program provides lending kits developed by BSU’s Geoscience department. Each GeoBox includes lessons and geologic specimens on loan through the department. 

a TRex dinosaur skeleton in a museum room
Online learning modules teach skills identified as essential science and engineering practices.
USDA Mineral Quartz Crystal is a spiky clear/white rock on a purple background
In the BSU Department of Geological Sciences, students study the composition, materials, structure, properties, physical processes and history of Earth and the planets, including how they have evolved over time – and how they continue to change today.