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Geological Sciences

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For those interested in studying the Earth, geology takes this subject to its most elemental level. In the Department of Geological Sciences at Bridgewater State University, students study the composition, materials, structure, properties, physical processes and history of Earth and the planets, including how they have evolved over time – and how they continue to change today. Geology is a broad discipline, encompassing the skills and methods of physics, chemistry, biology, math and computer science.

Students may choose from four degree options: a general BS degree in Earth Science (most appropriate for those aspiring to be secondary education teachers), a general BA degree (most appropriate for those aspiring to be elementary education teachers) and BS degrees with concentrations in Environmental Geosciences and Geological Sciences. A degree in geology prepares students for public and private sector careers as geologists, geophysicists, geotechnical engineers, environmental consultants or oceanographers, as well as for continued study at the graduate level.

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