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CESB Mission, Vision and Values


The Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business empowers those with an entrepreneurial mindset and small business owners from the campus community and throughout southeastern Massachusetts to transform innovative ideas into viable business opportunities, start their own business ventures, and grow their existing small businesses.



Serve as a catalyst for sustainable economic growth and social equity by supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners.




The CESB celebrates creativity and innovation.

Diversity and Equity

The CESB champions economic and social equity by broadening diversity among small business owners.


The CESB promotes sustainable business practices that benefit business owners, their communities and the environment.

Community Economic Development

The CESB nurtures economic development within and among local and regional communities.

Collaboration/Relationships with Partners

The CESB creates connections that foster entrepreneurial opportunities.

Business Acumen

The CESB strengthens small business owners’ basic business skills to enable them to be successful despite the challenges they face.