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Client Policies

Client and Clinician

The SLLC is a training facility at Bridgewater University. As such, the SLLC follows the primary schedule of the University (two semesters per year, holidays, conferences etc.). Each client of the SLLC will be provided with a schedule of dates that the SLLC will be available for services each semester.

To accommodate the needs of the clients and clinicians, the following additional policies have been implemented:

Financial Responsibility

The SLLC provides services at no cost.
We currently accept donations by check made out to Bridgewater State University. Please visit Make a Gift, check off Bridgewater Fund, and where it says "Additional Gift Instructions", type Speech-Language-Literacy-Center.

Duration of Services

Individual and small group therapy sessions typically run 45 -60 minutes in length. Time for parent/caregiver wrap-up is incorporated into the session.  Larger groups run for 1-2 hours.

Drop Off/Pick Up Times

Parents/caregivers must be prompt in picking up their family member and should be in the waiting area 10 minutes before the therapy session ends. Clients/families should remain in the waiting room until greeted by a therapist.
Caregivers are strongly encouraged to observe their family member’s treatment session. During therapy, families are also welcome to wait in the waiting room.

Late Attendance

A therapy session will not be extended for a client that is late. We have other clients and groups scheduled throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Waiting Room

We expect families to maintain appropriate behavior in the waiting room area and children to be supervised at all times.
If you do leave the center during your family member's session, please make sure we have your cell phone number in case we need to call you.
We provide reading materials and toys in the waiting area and ask that you help keep the area clean and clutter free by returning items used to where they belong.
If you need to take or make a lengthy call on your phone we ask that you step outside in consideration of others in the waiting area.


When you schedule either evaluation or treatment, you will receive a packet of materials which includes an Allergy Alert form to fill out. This form is kept in the client's file. It is crucial for every client to have this form filled out, even if no allergies are known. If there are food preferences or diet restrictions, please make sure this is noted on the form. If you have not filled out this form or need to make changes please do so as soon as possible. We have a list of clients and their allergies posted inside the center so all of the clinical staff can be vigilant of clients’ allergies.


The SLLC policy is that the clinical educator should be notified when a toileting need arises. If a caregiver is not available to take the individual, the clinical educator and student clinician should escort them to the restroom. Universal Precautions should be used.


Once your family member is escorted to the treatment room, he/she will be supervised by the student clinician 100% of the time; a client is NEVER left alone anywhere in the physical space of the SLLC.  With client/caregiver permission, sessions are videotaped; caregivers are encouraged to observe sessions to facilitate generalization of skills outside of the therapy session.


The BSU SLLC will keep all personal and medical information confidential. Client information will only be released upon receipt of a signed Privileged Communication form. Consent for a release of information may be withdrawn by the client at any time with a written notice signed by the client and/or client's parent/guardian.

The BSU SLLC will not discuss a client's diagnosis, session content, or progress with anyone other than caregivers/parents without written consent. We may communicate with clients’ caregivers, parents, or other therapists via email, phone, and mail when written permission is secured.


We are an educational facility and as such, support educational opportunities for the community and BSU students.  Undergraduate and graduate students may observe and/or provide treatment services under the supervision of a state licensed and ASHA certified speech-language pathologists.  Prior to utilizing the center, all students will have completed training concerning privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures; the SLLC maintains records documenting this training.

Changes of Information

If there are changes to your address, phone number or email, please let our administrative assistant know. We will update your file immediately. Additionally, if there are any medical changes/updates (i.e., medication, new doctor/therapist, surgery, etc.) with your child please inform your child’s clinician so they can be aware and make any accommodations if necessary.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Our Policy Statement of Non-Discrimination and Diversity is located on pages 1-2 of the Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Affirmative Action Plan.