Meal Plan Options - Fall 2019

Meal plans are comprised of a combination of meal swipes and dining dollars: both are redeemable in the dining halls throughout the semester. At the end of the fall semester, any unused dining dollars will carry forward to the spring semester. Meal plans are mandatory for resident students (except Great Hill Apartment residents).

Meal Plans for Resident and Commuter Students

Meal Plan Option

Meal Swipes

Dining Dollars

Cost (per semester)

Platinum 145 780 $2,426
  • Recommended for freshmen
195 370 $2,124
Silver 80 550 $2,067
  • Only available for Student Apartment residents and commuters
15 400 $429
  • Includes Parking Decal
  • Only available for commuters
15 50 $250
  • Platinum Meal Plan
    • 145 Meals
    • 780 Dining Dollars
    • $2,426
  • Gold Meal Plan
    • 195 Meals
    • 370 Dining Dollars
    • Highly recommended for freshmen students
    • $2,124
  • Silver Meal Plan
    • 80 Meals
    • 550 Dining Dollars
    • $2,067
  • Bronze Meal Plan
    • 15 Meals
    • 400 Dining Dollars
    • Only available for Student Apartment residents and commuters
    • $429
  • Brass Meal Plan
    • 15 Meals
    • 50 Dining Dollars
    • Parking Decal
    • Only available for commuter students
    • $250

Flex Dollars

Flex Dollars can be purchased separately throughout the year and will carry over from year to year until student graduates or withdraws from BSU. Flex Dollars can be purchased online, in Cash-to-Card Machines and in Student Accounts. In addition to dining, Flex Dollars can be used for purchases in the Bookstore, vending machines, laundry, copiers, Mail Services, University Printing Center, and off-campus merchants.


  • Meal plans are refundable in accordance with the meal plan refund policy.
  • Meal plans expire at the end of each semester and are non-transferable to Flex Dollars.
  • All dining dollars expire at the end of the spring semester and do not carry over to the following fall semester.
  • The deadline to change your meal plan selection is September 16, 2019 for the fall semester and must be submitted online. Only one change is allowed per semester.
  • Brass Meal Plan - Once students select meal plan via the MyDining link and parking decal via the MyParking link, the refund for the parking decal will be processed shortly after.