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IRS Form 1098-T

Students have the option to access your 1098-T form electronically and opt-out of postal delivery of the tax document.

Federal regulations allow those eligible to receive IRS Form 1098-T electronically instead of through the mail. Electronic 1098-T’s will be available two weeks prior to when the paper 1098-T’s would be mailed; this is a secure, paperless, and cost-effective way to receive this important and confidential information. IRS regulations state that each student that elects to receive their 1098-T electronically must also provide his/her consent electronically.

If you would like electronic delivery and instant access to your 1098-T statement online, please login to eBill and provide your consent in the paperless 1098-T option via the pop-up box or by using the “Agreement” option under the “My Account” menu.

By clicking on "Accept Consent," you state your intent to receive your 1098-T form electronically for each year that you attend Bridgewater State University. Furthermore, you agree to return to this site to print, email or save your 1098-T. It is important to note that BSU will not be mailing home a 1098-T form but will be sending an email to you notifying you when your form is available for viewing online.

If you elect not to consent, a paper copy of your 1098-T will be annually mailed to the permanent address on file by Jan. 31. Please allow normal mailing time to receive your form.

Please note, Bridgewater State University can only answer questions related to how the form was prepared. The taxpayer should refer to relevant IRS forms and publications, and not the institution, for explanations relating to the eligibility requirements for, and calculation of, any allowable education tax credit.

Please follow the steps below to view or print your 1098-T

  1. Access eBill.
  2. Click "View" on the latest 1098-T statement link.
  3. Click on the 1098-T Tax Statement year and click on the "View" button in the Action Column.
  4. You will be directed to a third-party 1098-T processor page hosted by ECSI. Click on the "View" button after selecting your tax year to view or print your 1098-T statement.

IRS Form 1098-T Information

The American Opportunity Credit (replaced the Hope Scholarship credit in 2009) and the Lifetime Learning Credit, also referred to as education credits, were created by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. The details of these and other higher education tax benefits associated with the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, including a description of qualifying expenses, can be found on the IRS website .

In January of each year, Bridgewater State University will issue a Form 1098-T to each qualifying student indicating the amount paid for qualified tuition and related expenses during the previous calendar year, along with additional required information. The purpose of the 1098-T is to assist students in identifying tax credit qualifying expenses. BSU is prohibited from giving tax advice, please consult your tax advisor for assistance.

The University is prohibited from offering any tax advice.

The Taxpayer should not contact BSU for explanations relating to the eligibility requirements for, and/or calculation of, any allowable education tax credit or tuition and fees deduction. The final decision for determining eligible educational expenses is the taxpayer's responsibility.

For more information, please visit the IRS web pages, About Form 1098-T and Form 8863 Education Credits .