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COVID 19: Spring Break and Health - A Message to Employees

Wednesday 3/1/2023

Subject: Spring Break and Health - A Message from Dr. Chris Frazer to Employees 


Dear Faculty, Librarians and Staff:

As we approach Spring Break, I wanted to provide a few reminders of how we can continue to stay healthy. The good news is that Plymouth and Bristol Counties are now rated by the CDC as areas of low COVID-19 transmission, a significant improvement over just the past two months.

Still, for your own health and the health of others, we encourage you to continue to utilize rapid tests if you are symptomatic or been exposed to others who have tested positive for COVID. Further, if you are planning to be away from campus during Spring Break, we encourage you to take a rapid test before returning to campus. Rapid tests will continue to be made available at no cost and can be picked up at distribution sites across the campus, including:

  • All dining halls
  • All residence halls (at the counters inside each entrance)
  • RSU Information Desk – Ground Floor
  • Commuter Services – RSU Ground Floor
  • DMF Atrium – Ground Floor
  • Ritesh Chandra IT Service Center – Maxwell Ground Floor
  • Circulation Desk – Maxwell 1st floor
  • Moakley Atrium
  • Burnell Atrium
  • Tinsley Front Desk
  • Wellness Center – Weygand Hall
  • Commuter Lounge – Weygand Hall


  • Students will continue to be required to wear masks in all classrooms and instructional spaces during scheduled class times, although faculty have the option of NOT requiring mask wearing in their classes.


  • We encourage everyone who is eligible to get the bivalent “booster” vaccine, which is effective against the Omicron variants of COVID.
  • Booster vaccines are available at the Wellness Center throughout the semester. Please visit the Wellness Center BridgeNet site to view available times and book your booster now. There is no charge for any COVID vaccinations.

We appreciate the responsible and respectful way that the BSU Bears community has dealt with the challenges of COVID-19. Thank you in advance for continuing to follow our COVID requirements and keeping everyone in our community safe.

With warmest regards,

Dr. Chris Frazer
Executive Director, The Wellness Center