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The COVID testing site has moved from the Parking Garage to the Dunn Conference Suites as of 10/13/20

COVID-19 Dashboard

This BSU COVID-19 Dashboard provides public health information of interest to our campus community. We strive to transparently share data to inform our university community and comply with local and state reporting protocols. This dashboard data will be refreshed and published weekly on Thursday.

Weekly Summary (Nov. 12–Nov. 17)

BSU administered 869 tests from Thursday, November 12 – Tuesday, November 17, with 12 positives - a positive rate of 1.38%, which is still well below the state 7-day positive rate of 3.30%. Of these positives, 9 were students, with 7 living on campus and 2 off campus. Three of the positives were employees, with one working on the main campus. Contact tracing was immediately undertaken and determined that the employees had very few “close contacts.” All 12 COVID positive individuals are either asymptomatic or experiencing mild symptoms. 

The test site had a record number of tests administered in a single day on Tuesday, Nov. 17, with 832 students and employees tested. In part, this reflects the growing number of students living off campus as well as staff who are coming to the testing center in Dunn. With the rise in COVID-19 cases and the importance of regular testing, contact tracing and following of quarantine and isolation protocols, we continue to encourage off-campus students and employees to be tested. However, if you are symptomatic, your first step should be to see your primary care physician and follow their instructions for testing. If you are symptomatic and come to BSU for a test, you should schedule a separate testing appointment with the Wellness Center via

BSU has now administered 12,948 tests, of which there have been 67 positives (a positive rate of 0.52%). Of our cumulative positive cases, 50 have now recovered and only 4 students are currently isolating on campus.

Due to increasing concerns about travel around the Thanksgiving holiday and the continuing rise of COVID-19 cases in the community,  the Massachusetts Department of Public Health updated their control plan recommendations for Higher Education this week. See BSU's updated control plan (pdf). BSU has already been operating in a manner that conforms to these new guidelines and will continue to test all resident students every week for the remainder of the semester.

Testing for the week of Thanksgiving will take place on Monday Nov. 23 only. Please see more information about the test site and our calendar for the rest of the semester here:

Weekly Results 11/12-11/17


COVID Tests Conducted




7 Day Positive Rate for BSU


vs. 7 Day Positive Rate for MA

Cumulative Results through 11/17/20


Total COVID Tests Conducted


Total Positives


Recovered/Out of Isolation


Positive Rate for BSU

Cumulative Results through 11/17/20

Metric Total      % Notes
COVID Tests Conducted 12,948 100%  
Positive Test Results 67 .52%  
Recovered or Out of Isolation 50 75%   
Primary Isolation Spaces Available 22/26 85%   (4 in isolation on-campus)
Secondary Isolation Spaces Available 8/8 100%  
Tertiary Isolation Spaces Available 200/200 100%  



BSU Testing Results