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COVID-19 Dashboard

This BSU COVID-19 Dashboard provides public health information of interest to our campus community. We strive to transparently share data to inform our university community and comply with local and state reporting protocols.

Weekly Summary (May 6-May 12)

BSU administered 319 tests with only 2 positives – a 0.63% positivity rate – in its final week of surveillance testing for the 2020-2021 academic year. The state 7-day positivity rate is currently 1.25%, while the 14-day average positivity rate for Plymouth and Bristol Counties is 2.51% and 3.01% respectively. For the 2020-2021 academic year, BSU administered 39,038 tests with only 372 positive cases - a less than 1% positivity rate. The success of BSU in safely managing through the pandemic can be directly attributed to the responsible behavior of our students, which allowed the university to continue to deliver the highest quality educational experience at a time when many other universities were forced to close their campuses.

COVID-19 testing will be available on a limited basis, by appointment, in the Wellness Center (508-531-1252) for the rest of the summer.

COVID-19 Tip: COVID-19 vaccines are now available on campus! Please make an appointment to be vaccinated at BSU  , or check   to find another site.  As a reminder, a completed COVID-19 vaccination is required this Fall for all undergraduate and graduate students who are attending in-person classes, living in residence halls, conducting research on campus and participating in any on-campus activities. For anyone concerned about vaccine safety, please check Trust the Facts. Get the Vax   for some great information. Thank you and have a fantastic summer, Bears!

Weekly Results 5/6-5/12


COVID Tests Conducted


Positive (2 residents)


7 Day Positive Rate for BSU


vs. 7 Day Positive Rate for MA

Cumulative Results through 5/12/21


Total COVID Tests Conducted


Total Positives


Recovered/Out of Isolation


Positive Rate for BSU

Cumulative Results through 5/12/21

Metric Total      % Notes
COVID Tests Conducted 39,038 100%  
Positive Test Results 372 0.95%  
Recovered or Out of Isolation 370 99%   
Primary Isolation Spaces Available 25/26 96% 1 student in isolation on-campus 
Secondary Isolation Spaces Available 8/8 100%  
Tertiary Isolation Spaces Available 200/200 100%  



BSU Testing Results