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COVID-19 Dashboard

This BSU COVID-19 Dashboard provides public health information of interest to our campus community. We strive to transparently share data to inform our university community and comply with local and state reporting protocols. This dashboard data will be refreshed and published weekly on Thursday.

Weekly Summary (Apr. 1- 7)

From April 1-7, BSU administered a total of 1,369 tests. There were only 5 positive cases, for a positive rate of just 0.37% - which continues the positive trend started at the end of last week and compares very favorably with the current statewide rate of 2.46%. All impacted students and staff are doing well, ranging from asymptomatic to having mild symptoms. BSU continues to compare very well to the 14-day test positivity rates in Plymouth and Bristol Counties, which continue to climb at 4.42% and 4.45% respectively.

All current resident students continue to be tested as part of the weekly surveillance testing requirement for the Spring semester. BSU has strongly encouraged commuters taking in-person classes to test. Since the beginning of this semester, 42% of all tests have been administered to non-residential students.

COVID-19 testing continues next week in the Dunn Conference Center, with testing available to all BSU students and employees on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 13 and 14, from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Please continue to check the dashboard for any updates to our testing hours and availability. As a reminder, the Dunn Conference Center Test site is an asymptomatic test site. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or you have been identified as a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please call the Wellness Center to arrange a test. Please also continue to stay vigilant about your physical distance, mask wearing and hygiene while limiting your close contacts.

COVID-19 Tip: All Massachusetts residents will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination starting on April 19th, please pre-register now on Mass Vaccination website  so that you can get your vaccine as soon as possible! Remember: The best vaccine is the first vaccine you can get!

Weekly Results 4/1-4/7


COVID Tests Conducted


Positive (4 residents, 1 employee)


7 Day Positive Rate for BSU


vs. 7 Day Positive Rate for MA

Cumulative Results through 4/7/21


Total COVID Tests Conducted


Total Positives


Recovered/Out of Isolation


Positive Rate for BSU

Cumulative Results through 4/7/21

Metric Total      % Notes
COVID Tests Conducted 33,869 100%  
Positive Test Results 345 1.02%  
Recovered or Out of Isolation 340 99%   
Primary Isolation Spaces Available 24/26 92% 2 students in isolation on-campus 
Secondary Isolation Spaces Available 8/8 100%  
Tertiary Isolation Spaces Available 200/200 100%  



BSU Testing Results