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Beyond the Classroom


Internships provide crucial opportunities for students to apply their education in a professional setting, as well as develop additional interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. BSU accounting and finance students have gained invaluable experience at accounting firms, banks, investment firms and corporate offices.

Learn more about Bridgewater’s internship program.

Accounting and Finance Club

This student-run organization helps members build knowledge in the field through academic and social activities. Past events have included engaging presentations from professionals in the field, seminars on career development and networking nights with alumni.

Students benefit from access to the Bloomberg terminals

Bloomberg Terminals

This state-of-the-art technology allows students to retrieve financial data and news in real time and provides our students the opportunity to earn the coveted Bloomberg Certification.

BSU Trading Room

The BSU Trading Room allows finance students to research corporations, create hypothetical investment portfolios and track their investments with simulation software using actual market data and prices. BSU is the only university in Southeastern Massachusetts with a trading room.

Student-Managed Investment Funds

The Student-Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) program offers students a unique opportunity to learn investment strategy and management, skills that will aid them both in their future careers and personal financial management. Funded by a generous grant from corporate and alumni donors, the program is designed to help students in the College of Business gain valuable real-world experience. Students selected to participate in the program are responsible for managing two portfolios: Standard and Poor’s 500 Select Sector Index fund and the Social Impact fund. Each is guided by an expert investor-in-residence and began with a $100,000 initial investment.

Bridgewater Collegiate Investors

Bridgewater Collegiate Investors (BCI) is a small, student-run investment group founded to help students gain experience conducting equity research. Students in BCI work in teams to analyze an assigned sector and to develop an investment pitch for a specific company in that sector. Their findings are presented in a stock pitch to faculty, alumni and industry professionals to determine if the stock will be added to our $1 million portfolio. This group allows students to grow their professional network and to apply knowledge outside the classroom in preparation for their future careers. Students selected to join Bridgewater Collegiate Investors will gain an in-depth, hands-on learning experience.