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Dr. Christopher Bloch

Christopher Bloch
Professor and Chairperson of Biological Sciences
Science and Mathematics Center, Room 307

BS, Old Dominion University 1994 Biology
MS, Old Dominion University 1997 Biology
PhD, Texas Tech University 2004 Biology

Christopher Bloch joined the faculty of Bridgewater State University in the fall of 2006. His primary teaching responsibilities include General Biology II, Ecology, and Biometry (experimental design and statistical analysis in biological research). Dr. Bloch's research interests lie primarily at the population and community levels of ecological organization. Currently, the principal focus of his work involves the effects of natural (e.g., hurricanes) and anthropogenic (e.g., logging) disturbance events on population dynamics and community structure. Most of this work has used terrestrial snails as a model organism, but he has studied a variety of organisms, including whip spiders, rodents, and bats, in tropical and temperate systems. He also maintains an interest in the mechanisms that generate broad-scale patterns of biodiversity. He actively involves Bridgewater students in his ongoing research on the ecology of terrestrial snails in Puerto Rico as well as local projects focusing on effects of habitat loss and fragmentation.

Area of Expertise
  • Community ecology
  • Population biology
  • Macroecology
  • Biometry