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Dr. Merideth Krevosky

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M. Sue, Asci

Department of Biological Sciences

Make the Study of Life Your Life's Work

Exploring the secrets of life involves studying cells that are infinitesimally small and biological systems that are enormously complex. How they work to create living organisms holds the key to understanding life on earth and how to preserve and protect it. Bridgewater State University’s Department of Biological Sciences offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to not just learn about the building blocks of life but also to conduct research with talented faculty, using our state-of-the-art labs and advanced instrumentation.

Students have the flexibility to choose their own course of study based on their passions and interests. In addition to a BA and BS in Biology, we offer a graduate program leading to a Master of Arts in Teaching (Biology). Along with human biology, the curriculum covers such diverse areas as molecular genetics, neurobiology, immunology, virology, animal physiology and ecology. With a degree in Biological Sciences from BSU, graduates are prepared to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. programs, enter into the health professions, translate their knowledge into teaching or work in industry. Whether conducting research, solving environmental problems or teaching, rewarding career opportunities await.


Professor Ken Adams, Nicole Berry '19, and Jacquelyn LaVallee

A team including BSU professors, students and alumni conducted NAB2 protein research that was recently published.

Claudio Eshun in front of Organogenesis

At BSU, Claudio Eshun, '19, found opportunities and mentors to help him pursue his dreams and he pays it forward.

a painted turtle

Turtles are central to recently published research projects by professors Donald Padgett and Christopher Bloch and their students.