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Dr. Michael Graziano

Dr. Michael Graziano outside holding 3 turtles
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Science and Mathematics Center, Room 303
BS, The Ohio State University
MS, The University of Nebraska
PhD, The Ohio State University
Dr. Graziano earned his PhD in ecology from The Ohio State University studying how shifts in dominant plant communities as a result of climate change, lack of disturbance, and invasive species can translate into shifts of the herpetological community. His research incorporated the importance of prescribed fire to maintain oak-hickory forests and wetland creation in the form of small vernal pools to help guide best management practices in forestry. His MS was earned from the University of Nebraska where his research focused on the small-mouthed salamander in Nebraska, which represents the northwest extreme of this otherwise common species’ range. Much of his current research has an applied focus, with an objective of aiding in conservation of both rare and common species through increasing knowledge of natural history and distribution. Additionally, Dr. Graziano is interested in the procurement, cultivation, and propagation of rare plants, including carnivorous plants and orchids. Students interested in learning more about Dr. Graziano or working with him are encouraged to email him at
Area of Expertise
Ecology, Community Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Forest Ecology, Ecosystem Restoration, Wetlands, Herpetology, Natural History