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Holly Ferriera

headshot photo of Holly Ferreira with long straight dirty blonde hair, wearing black rimmed glasses and a white and black striped jersey
Assistant Director, Supervising Laboratory Technician
Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center, Room 388
BS, Stonehill College
MS, Northeastern University
Holly joined the Biology department in January 2023 as Assistant Director, Supervising Laboratory Technician. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Stonehill College and her Master of Science degree in Biochemistry from Northeastern University. Her professional experience includes research in the fields of protein biochemistry and recombinant DNA technology at the academic level, as well as molecular biology and genome research in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Immediately prior to joining the Biology department at BSU, she did lab preparation work and lab management in the Chemistry Department at Wheaton College, while also teaching General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry labs.
Area of Expertise
Biology, Biochemistry