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Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center
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Dr. Steven Haefner

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Christina, Toner

Department of Chemical Sciences

Discovery Matters

Chemistry has often been called “the central science” – the study of the basic building blocks that make up everything around us, providing the foundation for a broad range of other disciplines. At Bridgewater State University, there are endless opportunities to explore the diverse substances that make up our world: what they’re made of, what happens when they are combined or separated and how they can be manipulated to solve problems affecting humanity and our environment. 

The Department of Chemical Sciences is a small, close-knit community of students, teachers, mentors and scholars. We pride ourselves on small class sizes and the individual attention that our students receive in the classroom and the laboratory. Our ACS-approved Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry includes concentrations in Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Professional Chemistry. Our graduates are well prepared for successful careers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as graduate-level chemistry programs, and professional programs in fields that include medicine, pharmacy and dentistry.

Dr. Tammy King with students in a lab
Professor Cielito "Tammy" King's research published on arsenic in soil at local playground.
Iana Mandravel-Hutchins teaching Art Uncovered chemistry class
Professor Iana Mandravel-Hutchins teaches a seminar that explores chemistry in the art world.
Keri Bryson
Keri Bryson, '18 received the American Institute of Chemists Award for Biochemistry.