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Dr. Steven Haefner

Dr. Steven Haefner
Professor and Chairperson of Chemical Sciences
Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center, Room 411

PhD, Michigan State University

Research Interests:
Synthesis, spectroscopy and structures of transition metal coordination and organometallic complexes with particular emphasis on bi- and polymetallic systems. Applications in the areas of metal carbohydrate chemistry, catalysis, molecular recognition, metal-metal bonded assemblies, and the development of supramolecular systems.

Recent Courses:
Intermediate and Advanced Inorganic (CHEM 242, 444)
Chemical Principles I/II (CHEM 141/142)
Survey of Chemistry I/II (CHEM 131/132)
Laboratory Techniques (CHEM 492)
Undergraduate Research (CHEM 390)
Honor Research Colloquium (CHEM 135H)
Practicum Supervisor for Accelerated Post-Baccalaureate