Academic Programs - Counselor Education

Academic Programs

Mission Statement and Program Objectives:

The principle mission of the Department of Counselor education at Bridgewater State University is to prepare high quality master’s level counselors for various settings in Massachusetts and the nation. More specifically, we prepare; quality School Counselors to serve students, families and communities PreK-12 educational settings; Clinical Mental Health Counselors to serve individuals, families and /or groups in community, non-profit, or private agencies; and Student Affairs Counselors to serve as academic advisors, career advisors, residential hall advisors, or likewise in institutes of higher education.

Our objectives are to:

  • Aid students in understanding their professional identity, roles, and relationships on both the micro and macro levels.
  • Train students to be competent in navigations ethical and legal guidelines, professional obligations, and responsibilities to their future clients and or students;
  • Develop expertise in the skills of counseling;
  • Instill a commitment to uphold best practices, as informed by critical consumption of/and current research and literature in the professions of counseling and student affairs across the CACREP core curriculum;
  • Impart an awareness, appreciation, and affinity to honor diversity and social justice issues in the mental health, school counseling, and student affairs professions.