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Department Chair
Dr. Jo-Ann Della Giustina

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Mrs. Victoria Nworie

Department of Criminal Justice

Making and Breaking Laws

The Department of Criminal Justice at Bridgewater State University uses a social justice framework to examine criminal and delinquent behavior and understand the broader social, cultural and legal contexts that play a role in society’s response to crime. Because the U.S. criminal justice system encompasses three major components – law enforcement, the courts and corrections – our undergraduate and graduate students take an interdisciplinary approach to the study of these components.

Our coursework encourages students to think about crime in a broad framework, beyond simply focusing on the offender. Faculty members provide students with a thorough understanding of the various political, legal, social and economic systems that converge around crime and rehabilitation, allowing them to consider the wider implications of an offense and the ways in which our society can more effectively serve communities affected by crime. Students gain essential analytical and research skills that will serve them well in careers in law enforcement, legal professions, government and the private sector. 

Connor McLernon, '18, speaking at Commencement

Connor McLernon, '18, was student speaker at the 2018 Undergraduate Commencement afternoon ceremony.

Angela Pucci, criminal justice major, at her post as dispatcher for East Bridgewater Police Department

Angela Pucci, '18, completed a summer internship which led to her employment as a dispatcher.

BSU student Kiara Palomares '21

Kiara Palomares, ’21, who is majoring in criminal justice and political science, interned in D.C. with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.