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Dr. Patricia Emmons

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Elizabete, Roman

Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Starting Strong

As one of the first influences in a young child’s life after their parents, elementary and early childhood teachers can profoundly impact how children learn and mature, and leave a lasting impression that positions them for success later in life. The Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Bridgewater State University prepares students to become exceptional educators of children from infancy to age 8, providing them with the skills and understanding needed to make a positive and enduring contribution in the lives of young children.

We pride ourselves on BSU’s history of training great educators, going back to the university’s origins as a teacher’s college. Our Bachelor of Science in Education programs in Early Childhood and Elementary Education are among the most popular majors at BSU. These programs include options to concentrate in teaching students with or without disabilities, as well as early education and care. We also offer an Elementary Education/Special Education dual licensure program, as well as postbaccalaureate programs in Elementary and Early Childhood Education and MEd programs in Elementary Education.

Elizabeth (Rego) O'Neill, Margaret (Moniz) LaFleur, Juliette (Silva) Almeida

Elementary Education alumnae from the class of 1963, Elizabeth (Rego) O'Neill, Margaret (Moniz) LaFleur, and Juliette (Silva) Almeida reminisced on campus during Homecoming week.

Ashley Mastrorilli

Ashley Mastrorilli, '18 received the Elementary Education Award and the Donnelly Scholarship during Honors Week.

Dr. Nicole Glen

Dr. Nicole Glen and Dr. Jeanne Ingle among those who met the 30-Day Challenge for Creative & Scholarly Work.