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Dr. Joseph H. Huber

Joseph H. Huber.jpeg
Professor Emeritus of Health and Kinesiology

BS, West Chester State University, Health and Physical Education
MA, University of Maryland, Health and Physical Education
PhD, Ohio State University, Adapted Physical Education and Motor Learning

Prior to his joining Bridgewater in 1973, Dr. Huber was a Research Assistant in the Children's Physical Developmental Clinic at University of Maryland, taught Adapted Physical Education at Prince George's County Schools, and was Assistant Chief of Adapted Physical Education at The Ohio State University. He developed and has served as Director of the Children's Physical Developmental Clinic at Bridgewater State University. The aim of the clinic program is to improve the "total development" of children with disabilities by enhancing vital physical, motor, and aquatic skills and patterns as well as self-esteem. One hundred Bridgewater students serve as clinicians and support staff each semester making the CPDC the largest student organization on campus. Dr. Huber was a member of the Standards Committee related to National Adapted Physical Education Certification and served, for 15 years, as Assistant Editor of physical education and Department Editor of Issues for Palaestra: The Forum of Sport, Physical Education and Recreation for the Disabled. Dr. Huber also served as the local Event Coordinator for the Boston National Convention of American Association for Leisure and Recreation of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.