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Dr. Karen Richardson

Karen (Pagnano) Richardson.jpeg
Professor and Acting Chairperson of Health and Kinesiology
Adrian Tinsley Center, Room 226

BS, Springfield College, 1988, Physical Education
MS, Indiana State University, 1998, Physical Education
EdD, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2004

Dr. Richardson joined the department in 2003 in the area of physical education pedagogy. She currently teaches classes in physical education methods, instructional strategies and curriculum. Dr. Richardson's publications include the following:

  • Pagnano-Richardson, K. & Henninger, M.L. (2007). A model for developing and assessing tactical decision making competency during game play. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.
  • Henninger, M.L., Pagnano, K.B., Patton, K., Griffin, L.L, & Dodds, P. (2006). Novice volleyball players knowledge of games, strategies, tactics, and decision-making in the context of game play. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education New Zealand, 39(1), 34-46.
  • Patton, K., Griffin, L.L., Sheehy, D., Arnold, R.,Gallo, A., Dodds, P., Pagnano, K.B., Henninger, M.L., James, A., & Bohler, H. (2005). Navigating the mentoring process in a research based teacher development project: A situated learning perspective. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 24(4), 302-325.

When not at school Dr. Richardson can be found in her flower gardens in Rhode Island or Maine or running the roads of New England.