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Dr. Tong-Ching Tom Wu

Tong-Ching Tom Wu
Associate Professor of Health and Kinesiology
Adrian Tinsley Center, Room 232A

BEd, McGill University, Physical Education
MA, McGill University, Biomechanics
PhD, University of Alberta, Biomechanics

Dr. Wu joined Bridgewater State University in 2010. Previously, Dr. Wu was a researcher at Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre, University of British Columbia, Canada. He conducts both clinical and sports biomechanics research studies and is experienced in working with professional players (Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team) and amateur athletes (2010 Canada Winter Olympics men's gold medal and women's silver medal curling teams). Past research studies include foot orthotic prescription and modification, ice hockey wrist and slap shots, ice skating, volleyball spiking, gymnastics back handspring and parallel bar, curling delivery, Olympic power clean lifting, and slo-pitch softball pitching and hitting. Dr. Wu had received research funding support from Nike Inc., Sport Science Association of Alberta and Human Performance Scholarship Fund. His current research focus is on examining the sequencing of joint movement coordination patterns in both clinical and sports settings. Dr. Wu has established Sport Science Innovation Program that uses an innovative approach to examine sport skills, injury mechanism, and equipment and footwear testing to better understand mechanics of human motion and movement coordination patterns for sports performance improvement and injury prevention.

Dr. Wu was a former track and field assistant coach for McGill University and University of British Columbia. He is a Canada National Coaching Certified Program level II coach in softball and has coached women's fast pitch softball team at junior "A" and university levels. Dr. Wu enjoys playing various sports and is passionate in playing competitive baseball and softball.