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Past and Present

The study of history represents an ongoing conversation with the past in which we attempt to understand how human societies and cultures have changed over time, as well as how they have made sense of their place in the world. The Department of History at Bridgewater State University trains students to collect, synthesize and evaluate information to develop coherent interpretations of these social and cultural issues. In the process, we gain an appreciation for our own place in history and a deeper understanding of human experience.

Our faculty includes specialists in cultures ranging from the United States and Europe, to societies in Africa, East Asia, Canada, Latin America and the Middle East, affording students a broad perspective on the ways in which cultures differ, change and evolve. Students learn to identify and analyze the causes and consequences of political, social, economic and cultural change, and hone their written and oral communication skills in order to develop and express their arguments clearly and effectively. The critical and analytical skills gained through the study of history prepare students for successful careers in education, law, business, communications and other fields.

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