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Earn Your History Degree and Understand How the Past, Present and Future are Intertwined

The history program at Bridgewater State University helps students understand how societies and cultures change over time and how we make sense of our place in the world. A history degree from BSU will allow you to evaluate information and develop interpretations of social and cultural issues, giving you a deeper understanding of the human experience.

BSU’s history faculty are specialists in cultures worldwide and will give you a broad perspective on the ways people are alike — and how they’re different. You’ll learn to identify and analyze political, social and cultural changes and hone your written and oral communication skills.

When you earn your history degree from BSU, you’re part of a community devoted to research and learning. 
  • Gain experience while you study. As a history student at BSU, you’ll have the opportunity to intern at museums, libraries and other cultural organizations that will give you a leg up when deciding on history degree jobs.  
  • Conduct real research. Research is another great way to gain experience for future history degree jobs. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, you’ll conduct independent research on a topic of your choosing.

Why Study the Humanities at BSU?
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