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Dr. J.R. Webb

Dr. J.R. Webb
Professor of History
Tillinghast Hall, Room 221

BA, University of Colorado
AM, PhD, Harvard University

Research interests:
Theology of history, apocalypse, empire, sacred/secular power, saints, hagiography, exegesis, the classical legacy, church reform, canon law, codicology

Recent Publications:
Representations of the warrior-bishop in eleventh-century Lotharingia,” Early Medieval Europe 24:1 (2016): 103–130

“‘Knowledge will be manifold’: Daniel 12.4 and the idea of intellectual progress in the middle ages,” Speculum 89 (2014): 307–357

“Hagiography in the diocese of Liège (950–1130),” in Hagiographies: Histoire internationale de la littérature hagiographique latine et vernaculaire en Occident des origines à 1550, ed. M. Goullet, Corpus Christianorum: Hagiographies 6 (Turnhout: Brepols, 2014), 809–904.

Area of Expertise

Medieval Europe
Religious and Intellectual History