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Dr. Irina Seceleanu

Associate Professor of Mathematics; MSCA Chapter President
Science and Mathematics Center, Room 439

BS, University of Trier
BS, Academy of Economic Studies
MA, PhD, Bowling Green State University

Dr. Irina Seceleanu has enjoyed teaching at Bridgewater State University since 2010. She regularly teaches both the introductory and upper level courses Precalculus, Calculus I and II, Linear Algebra and Introduction to Analysis.

Dr. Seceleanu is an analyst and her primary research interests lie in the field of operator theory, functional analysis and linear dynamics. Her research is in the area of hypercyclicity, which is the study of linear operators that possess a dense orbit.
K.Chan, I.Seceleanu, Cyclicity of vectors with orbital limit points for backward shifts, to appear in the Journal of Integral Equations and Operator Theory.
K.Chan, I.Seceleanu, Hypercyclicity of shifts as a zero-one law of orbital limit points, Journal of Operator Theory, 67(1), 257-277 (2012).
K.Chan, I.Seceleanu, Orbital limit points and hypercyclicity of operators on analytic function spaces, Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 110A(1), 99-109 (2010).

Dr. Seceleanu also emphasizes student mentoring and has worked with students on a variety of undergraduate research projects sponsored by the Adrian Tinsley Program at Bridgewater. She has greatly enjoyed collaborating with her research students to create mathematical models for the retreat of glaciers in a changing climate and the effects of plaque aggregation on the neuronal network.

Area of Expertise
Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, Statistical Consulting