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A Formula for Success

Math is everywhere and its usefulness cannot be overestimated. Statisticians and mathematicians are among the top ten jobs in the United States (CareerCast, 2017), and math majors are in high demand in every sector of the workforce – from education to engineering, banking to biotechnology and insurance to industry. 

In the Department of Mathematics at Bridgewater State University, students earning a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics build a foundation of flexible analytical skills that can launch careers in education or industry. They can select a concentration in either pure mathematics — which focuses on fundamental questions at the heart of the discipline to prepare for advanced study and research — or statistics, one of the leading job growth sectors of the economy, which focuses on the design, analysis and interpretation of models that inform decision-making in science, government and industry. Whichever you choose, a degree in mathematics from Bridgewater gives you the sought-after skills you need to make an impact in your career.

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