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Dr. Vignon Oussa

Dr. Vignon Oussa with black mustache and beard wearing a black beanie, earbuds and a blue shirt under a gray jacket
Professor of Mathematics
Science and Mathematics Center, Room 453

BS, Greenville College
MS, Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville
PhD, Saint Louis University

Vignon Oussa's first interest is teaching mathematics. He has taught several courses including remedial courses, most upper level courses and several other classes in between. Dr. Oussa is currently involved with the Math Club and is the coordinator of internship and job opportunities for math majors at Bridgewater State University. He has also been active in research on the Representation Theory of Lie Groups and Wavelets Analysis on non commutative groups.

Selected Publications:
B.Currey, V.Oussa, Admissibility for Monomial Representations of Exponential Lie Groups, Journal of Lie Theory 22 (2012), No. 2, 481-487
V.Oussa, Bandlimited Spaces on Some 2-step Nilpotent Lie Groups With One Parseval Frame Generator, to appear in Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics
V.Oussa, Admissibility For Quasiregular Representations of Exponential Solvable Lie Groups, Colloq. Math, vol. 131, No. 2 (2013)

Area of Expertise
Harmonic Analysis