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From Renaissance madrigals to stadium-filling pop, music is a unique form of communication that comes from the heart and taps into the very roots of our humanity. The Department of Music at Bridgewater State University provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of classical music traditions – along with courses in jazz, other popular genres and West African drumming – all in the context of a liberal arts education relevant to a wide variety of careers. Students have the opportunity to study under accomplished professionals who perform regularly with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Pops, Fenway Brass Quartet and other world-class ensembles.

The curriculum includes the essentials of music history, theory and performance. In addition to the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, the department offers concentrations in Music Education, Jazz Studies and Classical Performance, a Master of Arts in Teaching (Music), a music minor and courses that satisfy the university’s core curriculum requirements. Instrumental and vocal ensembles – as well as private instruction in piano, guitar, voice, and orchestral and band instruments – are open to all students, offering a unique opportunity to flex your creativity on campus while developing critical leadership and teamwork skills.

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