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Academic Programs

Honors Program

The Philosophy Departmental Honors Program encourages students to excel in philosophy, to provide models and guidance for pursuing excellence, and to honor those students who demonstrate excellence. To be accepted into the departmental honors program, a student must be a philosophy major and fulfill the following criteria at the time of application to the philosophy honors program.

  • A 3.3 GPA for all philosophy courses to be used toward a Bridgewater State University degree with a minimum of three philosophy courses completed2
  • A 3.3 GPA for all completed course work to be used for a Bridgewater State University degree
  • At least 60 credits completed toward an undergraduate degree

For additional information concerning the departmental honors program in philosophy, please contact the department chairperson.

The Department of Philosophy has a chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, the international honors society for philosophy. Membership is open, regardless of major, to sophomores and higher with a 3.0 average in two or more philosophy classes and a 3.2 cumulative GPA. Members receive a certificate and are eligible to wear a sash indicating membership as part of their graduation regalia.

Upon admission to the departmental honors program, a student’s philosophy major advisor will assume responsibility for advising the student in respect to the honors program.

Students entering the Honors Program at or near the minimum GPA for admission should be aware that achieving higher grades in future philosophy courses will be necessary in order to eventually reach the 3.5 GPA in philosophy required for completing the Honors Program.