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Ed Deveney goes into Laser Lab

The Laboratory for Education and Applications Prototypes (LEAP) at Bridgewater State University is housed in the state-of-the-art $98.7 million LEED-certified Dana Mohler-Faria Science and Mathematics Center, opened in the fall of 2011. The 213,000 sq. ft. building provides state of the art teaching and research spaces, including ~$8M in new equipment and instrumentation.

The Massachusetts LEAP system, in partnership with the MassTech Collaborative, connects educational, industrial and manufacturing partners to solve problems and boost economic development wherever light and photonics innovations and devices can help lead the way. LEAP at BSU partners explicitly with LEAP at Stonehill College, establishing a Southeastern Massachusetts gateway to the entirety of the LEAP integrated network, which includes LEAPs at MIT, WPI/QCC and WNEU.

Building off of more than two decades as a driver of technical workforce in these areas for Massachusetts, BSU and the LEAP at BSU are delighted to offer access to expertise, equipment and next-generation graduates ready to lead in these new technology-based economies, highlighted by the state’s only public Photonics and Optical Engineering BS degree program.

Photonics Equipment
Based on Bridgewater State University's unique faculty, leading-edge equipment and research facility, and strong workforce development, LEAP at BSU has a broad spectrum of equipment on offer.
Photonics Equipment
BSU adds to a successful workforce in photonics and optics, including photonics and optical engineers, physicists, technicians and software specialists.
Photonics Equipment
Study and work with light energy and light information to design devices and create advances in laser manufacturing, communications, biomedical and chemical sensing, display technology, optical computing and transportation