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LEAP Photonics and Optical Engineering

Photonics Equipment

Our photonics and optical emphasis, as part of the MA LEAP system, includes electro-optical characterization and design of materials and photonic integrated chip (PIC) components, semiconductor laser sources, ultrafast and high-power optical characterization, and educational quantum optics and technologies thanks to Massachusetts-based awards and internal BSU matching of $3M.

LEAP at BSU experiences include on-chip characterization of PIC components (such as ring resonators) using tunable sources with power (photodiode) detection and spectral analysis (Optical Spectrum Analyzer), laser source characterization that includes power-current voltage and power-wavelength measurements, and creation of entangled photon pairs using nonlinear light-matter interactions.

BSU's history as a teachers’ college goes back to its founding in 1840. Now, BSU adds to a successful workforce in photonics and optics, including photonics and optical engineers, physicists, technicians and software specialists. BSU is nationally recognized as a top institution for undergraduate research, which produces outstanding candidates for MS and PhD programs in photonics, optics and other related fields.

LEAP at BSU is busy each day

  • Photonics and Optical Engineering four-year BS degree program includes courses that use the LEAP such as PHOE 323 Optical Engineering, PHOE 330 Fiber Optics Communication, PHOE 403 Semiconductor Devices, PHOE 430 Laser Engineering, PHOE 450 Photonic Integrated Chip Design, PHOE 452 Photonics Integrated Circuit Testing and Characterization, PHOE 456 Non-Linear Optics, PHOE 465 Quantum Optics, Senior Design, Capstone and Machine Shop.
  • Ten current undergraduate research programs using BSU internal funding programs and external funding sources such as the NASA Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium.
  • Photonics Bootcamp
    Bootcamp series with MIT and other LEAP universities are underway now at BSU with a current cohort of 12.
  • Technician training programs with a current cohort of 11.
  • BSU is active in many other areas related to local and national groups like ALPhA, a national organization promoting advanced lab experiments. BSU will host a New England Regional Meeting of ALPhA, which will showcase our photonics in physics and engineering curriculum and will include hands-on demonstrations of LEAP equipment in our LEAP spaces.

Training at LEAP at BSU extends from K-12 teachers who shape the next generation of economic developers and drivers, to highly skilled and experienced members of the workforce, to those on the cutting edge of new technologies in graduate schools and national laboratory programs.