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Dr. Jordon Barkalow

Jordon Barkalow.jpeg
Associate Professor of Political Science
Dr. Guy C. Clifford House, Room 201

BA, Pacific University
MA, PhD, University of Houston

Winner of the 2014 Presidential Award for Distinguished Teaching, Jordon Barkalow is an Associate Professor of Political Science specializing in political theory. He also serves as a co-coordinator of the minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). Professor Barkalow teaches courses in American Government, Political Theory (Western Political Thought and American Political Thought), as well as International Politics and Legal Studies (Democratic Theory and Democratization and International Law). He is also very active in the area of undergraduate research having supervised nine ATP Summer Grants and Honors Theses as well as numerous ATP Semester Grants.

Professor Barkalow’s research focuses on American political thought with a special emphasis on the meaning of American citizenship and national identity. Here, he is working on a book manuscript where he argues that American citizenship is properly understood in commercial terms rather than civic or religious terms. Professor Barkalow has published on the emergence of individualism in American political thought and its institutional implications as well as on the thought of Ralph Waldo Emerson, John C. Calhoun, John Adams, and Isiah Berlin. In addition to his work in American political thought, Professor Barkalow has research interests in politics and literature, early modern political thought, and constitutionalism.