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Dr. Jordon Barkalow

Dr. Jordon Barkalow sitting in a chair smiling with balding light brown hair, a beard and mustache wearing brown rimmed glasses and a blue checked button down shirt
Professor and Chair of Political Science
Dr. Guy C. Clifford House, Room 201

BA, Pacific University
MA, PhD, University of Houston

In addition to serving as Chair of the Department of Political Science, Professor Barkalow also serves as a co-coordinator of the Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). An accomplished teacher, Professor Barkalow’s research and teaching specializations lie in political theory. He has published on several concepts central to political theory (individualism, tyranny, and republicanism), key figures in both Western and American political thought (Plato, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Adams, and Isiah Berlin), and scholarship exploring the relationship between political philosophy and literature. Professor Barkalow is a committed mentor of undergraduate research having supervised many Honors Theses and ATP Grants.