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Political Science

Theories of Intrigue

Aristotle famously called politics “the queen of the sciences,” and in the ensuing centuries, philosophers and theorists from across the globe have dedicated their lives to observing and attempting to understand and characterize how governments function, are formed and engage with each other. In the Department of Political Science at Bridgewater State University, we take pride in our connection to this ancient discipline as we promote an innovative, rigorous and analytical approach to the study of politics and government. 

Political science students are exposed to scientific, data-driven methods of conceptualizing the political forces that shape our world. In addition to the undergraduate major and minor in political science, the department offers an interdisciplinary minor in civic education and community leadership, a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree and a Graduate Certificate for Public Managers. Events hosted by the Center for Democratic Governance and Leadership – and research and service opportunities facilitated by the Center – provide students in Bridgewater’s political science department with valuable exposure to the most compelling issues of our day. Armed with a specialized knowledge of the field and a strong liberal arts background, our graduates go on to great success in fields as diverse as law, journalism, business and government.

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