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Dr. Rachel Navarre

headshot photo of Dr. Rachel Navarre smiling with long dark brown curly hair, wearing a black blazer over a maroon button down top
Associate Professor of Political Science; Co-coordinator for the Democratic Governance and Leadership Program
Dr. Guy C. Clifford House, Room 204

BA, Knox College
MA, PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Rachel Navarre received her PhD from the University at Texas in Austin in Government and specializes in the fields of comparative politics and public policy. After completing her degree she was a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Inter-American Policy at Tulane University in New Orleans. Her research focuses on comparative public policy, specifically issues of framing and issue definition; immigration policy and politics; regional governance; populism; and content analysis. Her work has appeared in The Journal of Politics, the Journal of Experimental Political Science, The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics and Representation. She recently co-authored Immigration in the 21st Century with Drs. Terri Givens and Pete Mohanty, and provided a chapter on US Immigration Policy in the edited volume, The Future of U.S. Empire in the Americas. Her most recent book is The Age of Discontent: Populism, Extremism, and Conspiracy Theories in Contemporary Democracies, with co-authors Matthew Rhodes-Purdy and Stephen M. Utych. This book, published in 2023 by Cambridge University Press, aims to understand why the emotions generated by economic crisis so often manifests as discontent with democracy.

Area of Expertise
Comparative Politics, Immigration Policy and Politics, Immigrant Political Behavior, Populism, Conspiracy Theories and Framing