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Dr. Ashley Hansen-Brown

Dr. Ashey Hansen-Brown smiling with medium length wavy light brown hair and wearing brown rim glasses and a royal blue v-neck top
Associate Professor of Psychology
Hart Hall, Room 321

BS, Washington State University
MS, Eastern Washington University
PhD, the Ohio State University

I joined the psychology department at Bridgewater State University in 2017, after completing my BS in Psychology at Washington State University, my MS in Experimental Psychology at Eastern Washington University, and my PhD in Social Psychology at the Ohio State University. I usually teach social psychology and research methods and/or statistics, all of which are a lot of fun (believe it or not!). I love finding answers to my questions about how people think, feel, and behave, and I do research in several different domains accordingly. My current main research interest is in studying the experiences of students who are the first in their family to go to college – what barriers do first-generation college students face, and what interventions might work to make universities more inclusive? I also have research interests in trait narcissism (what makes people self-centered and entitled, and how does it impact their social relationships and psychological outcomes?) and in person perception (how do we perceive other people, and can we accurately judge other people’s personalities and attributes?). I have an active research lab involving undergraduate students and I enjoy supervising honors thesis students.

Area of Expertise
Trait narcissism, person perception, first-generation college students, peer mentoring, scholarship of teaching and learning