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Help Answer Life’s Biggest Questions: Psychology Programs at Bridgewater State University

From exploring how the brain works to understanding behavior and developmental processes, Bridgewater State University’s psychology programs are committed to tackling life’s conundrums. The BSU Department of Psychology offers both undergraduate psychology and graduate clinical psychology programs.

Our undergraduate psychology degree is Bridgewater’s most popular major with nearly 1,300 students, and it provides you with the knowledge and skills to better understand human behavior and mental processes. BSU’s undergraduate psychology program also offers a psychology minor, which complements many majors by helping students gain greater insight and compassion into the human condition.

Our accredited master’s in clinical psychology program prepares you to become a licensed mental health counselor in Massachusetts and gives you the tools and techniques to work with those who may have behavioral, cognitive and emotional challenges.

At BSU, you can expect to study with leading experts, learn in small classes and gain experience to help you succeed through our graduate clinical psychology program and undergraduate psychology degrees.

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