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Dr. Laura Ramsey

Laura Ramsey
Professor of Psychology
Hart Hall, Room 337

BS, University of Mary Washington, Psychology
MS, PhD, University of Michigan, Social Psychology

Dr. Ramsey joined the Bridgewater State University psychology department in 2011. She teaches a variety of courses, including Introductory Psychology, Orientation to the Psychology Major, Research Methods, Social Psychology, and the Psychology of Women and Gender. Her research has focused on three primary areas: 1) stereotyping & prejudice, 2) objectification, and 3) the underrepresentation of women in math & science fields. For example, she has published papers examining implicit (unconscious) versus explicit (conscious) stereotypes, the consequences of objectification for romantic relationships, and how women who increasingly endorse the women-are-bad-at-math stereotype over the course of a semester perform worse in their math class. She particularly enjoys collaborating with students on research projects.