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Social Networks

By seeking to better understand the range of dynamics and factors that govern human social relationships, we gain valuable insight into our communities, our families and friends, and ourselves. The Department of Sociology at Bridgewater State University allows students to develop a rigorous, systematic and evidence-based understanding of the social contexts at work in our society and to apply that understanding successfully across a wide variety of career paths.

Within the undergraduate major in Sociology, BSU students choose one of three concentrations: Education, City Community & Region or Global Studies. Guided by experienced faculty members who have expertise across a broad range of specialties, sociology students delve into theories and research methods, and gain essential critical thinking and analytic skills that are applicable across a variety of professional fields, as well as graduate study. Our faculty members have backgrounds in the study of East Asia, Africa, South Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, and their courses help prepare students to think and act as informed, global citizens. 

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