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Dr. Norma Anderson

Professor of Sociology
Hart Hall, Room 229

BA, Mount Holyoke College
MPA, State University of New York at Albany
PhD, The City University of New York

Dr. Norma Anderson's research interests center around inequality and power. She has been enthralled by African Studies since she was an undergraduate and has lived, worked, and studied in Ghana, Malawi, and Ethiopia. Her current research explores whether photography or other visual methods can help Malawians connect with foreigners who might like to participate in small self-help projects. More often these days, you can find her thinking and writing about how we learn, how to confront our biases and assumptions, and how she can challenge her students to learn in ways that work for them. It feels empowering to collect and present research and she enjoys working with students as they learn methods and struggle through their own projects and personal learning efforts. Her recent work includes Development agendas in Malawi; Learning about global social movements by conducting local interviews; Photography and development in Malawi; and Using intensive interviews in teaching.